4 Things Nobody Told Me While Shopping for a Custom Engagement Ring

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It’s a roller coaster of emotions. And often folks find it hard to spot that ring that holds the key- a triumphant “yes” or a miserable “no.”

It happened to me. Despite the joy of popping the much awaited question (we married five years ago), I was in for a ride as I waltzed from jewelry shops across California to Arizona to find that ring that would score my final victory.

My pals weren’t of much use when it came to advising, and it took me quite a lot of misfires to pick a good custom made engagement ring from Mulloys’. I intend this post to help provide assistance for those unfortunate wretches out there who feel helpless and alone.

Read on…

1- Pay, close attention to anything that she talks, relates to Jewelry

Finally, you have decided that she is the ONE! You move into a score, but you are up for a dilemma. What should I choose for the ring? For starters, I suggest you pay close attention to her conversations about Jewelry- maybe she has taken a liking to Betty’s vintage themed ring?

Zoom in. Try popping in the questions, but ensure you evade her probing to maintain the element of surprise. I do not suggest you waltz into a Jeweller’s’ tagging her alongside, let her pick and off goes the credit card with a spot-on proposal. That ruins the moment though she gets to pick her fav.

Be discrete.

2- It certainly isn’t what you like

Guys tend to think putting in the effort is worth the price. But when it comes to women- especially with the ring, you better come up with an ace.

For a second, drop your usual hangout malls and shops. Think about what she wants. Consider consulting her close friends (ensure they don’t spill the beans!) who will have a detailed idea about her likes and dislikes about jewelry and other gift accessories.

Well, mine turned out to be a Forevermark custom engagement ring, but hey yours could be a different choice. Go figure.

Dig in. Research. The effort is worth it in the long run.

3- “Custom made rings are expensive” ( but that’s an urban myth)

Buying a ring of the mint is not always a good idea. You see this perfect diamond stone, but the setting sucks. This calls for having your custom engagement ring.

Relax, there is nothing to panic about.

To make it simple, picture yourself falling in love with the stone in Ring A and the setting in Ring B. So you walk into a Jeweler, who does custom works and explain it to him. It never hurts to ask and no, it’s generally not too expensive.

The Jeweler gets to work and creates the custom engagement ring that your partner will trip on with admiration and love. Now, that’s a tip I found too late into my shopping errand.

A custom engagement ring doesn’t need to be expensive unless your wallet says so.

4- It’s easier to deal with the same Jeweler for both the engagement and wedding rings (and cheaper)

When I finally got my Forever Mark custom wedding band from Mulloy’s- an online Jeweler specializing in custom jewelry, I loved the amount of detail they paid to mold the stone in the setting.

The rule of thumb states that the Jeweler tends to understand your sense of style and suave charm with your previous order. He’s more likely to create the perfect wedding ring with minimum input and impress you. Besides, you can always work out a good deal in pricing as Jewelers are likely to offer discounts to repeat purchasers.

Ensure you keep a good rapport at the store and among the sales reps. Referrals can come in handy for future discounts for your friends’ special occasions in the nearby future.

Hope this helps.

Have fun.

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