4 Killer Reasons To Spend A Weekend In Pennsylvania Right Now

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Pennsylvania – not to be confused with the home of vampires, Transylvania – is fast becoming a hotspot for tourists. Whether you live in the US or are traveling from afar, this is a wonderful state to visit. It boasts some big cities and a full plethora of things to see and do. So, if you’re looking for a weekend away shortly, then here are some reasons to consider Pennsylvania:

Philly cheesesteaks

Almost every bar or diner in the country will have something resembling a Philly cheesesteak on the menu. But, I promise you won’t find a better one than any of the offerings in the home of this dish. Pennsylvania is cheesesteak heaven, and you have to go to Philadelphia to try one. Here, you get the best cuts of beef, perfectly sauteed onions, and loads of extras as well. They have just the right amount of juicy greasiness and all the flavor. If you’re a food nut, then this is as good a reason as any to come here!


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Incredible farmer’s markets

Pennsylvania is very much farming country. As a result, you’ll see plenty of incredible farmer’s markets during your weekend away. This gives you a chance to sample some local produce and try some amazing food. In an ideal world, you should stay in a hotel near Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex & Expo Center because this is where a lot of the markets take place. It helps when the hotel offers free parking as well, purely because the center itself can get very busy. Regardless, you need to attend at least one farmer’s market before you leave!

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Experience Amish life

This state is home to the Amish community. Here, you have hundreds of people that still follow the Amish ways of old. Some 300 or so years ago, the Amish people settled in Dutch Country. While the areas around them progressed and modernized, they kept things the same. It’s a fascinating thing to experience as you see people who are living their lives without the need for technology or a lot of modern home comforts. It’s eye-opening – you start to realize how much you depend on certain things! It’s something that’s very much unique to the area, so I highly recommend seeing it.

Enjoy an excellent history lesson

Pennsylvania can boast a lot of history that makes it one of the most exciting states in the country. Many people say the Civil War was decided here, and you can visit a few of the ancient battlegrounds where both sides went head to head. There are also Civil War trails that are well worth exploring, and plenty of museums dotted around the state as well. Those of you that love your history will have loads of things to keep you happy!

At the end of the day, Pennsylvania offers a lot of unique delights that makes it special. As a bonus, it’s home to the Hershey’s chocolate factory! So, if you’re a lover of Reeses Cups or Hershey bars, then you have to pay it a visit. There’s plenty to do in many of the state’s great cities, so why don’t you book a weekend away when you have some free time?

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