3 Types of Lash Services Salons Can Offer

Felicia Priedel
Felicia Priedel 3 Min Read

Every one of your clients is unique. They have different lashes, different styles, and different beauty goals, and as a salon owner, it’s your mission to accommodate that diversity. To help your clients get the lashes they dream of, it’s crucial to offer various lash services. Here are three popular—and profitable—types of lash services your salon can offer its patrons.

Lash Lifts

A lash lift, commonly referred to as a “lash perm,” is a treatment that involves lifting the tips of the natural lashes using a chemical solution to make them appear longer, curlier, and fuller. Lash lifts are fantastic because anyone can get them. They work with what your client already has and aren’t high maintenance afterward. Plus, their natural but noticeable effect lasts for a generous four to six weeks.


Another type of lash service your salon can offer is lash extensions. Extensions, also known as “falsies,” are strands of synthetic, faux, mink, or silk fibers that you apply one by one to the lash line above the natural lashes. You can use extensions to add length, volume, and color to a client’s lashes. When installed professionally, they can last up to two months, providing clients with an enduring, dramatic lash look for minimal effort.


Tinting is hair dyeing, but for the lashes rather than the hair on your client’s head. The lash hairs are delicate, so you need to use a gentle, cream-based chemical dye or a natural henna dye for this treatment. Tints darken and intensify the color of a client’s lashes, making this service ideal for clients with extremely light-colored or sparse lash hairs. The color can last up to a month with proper aftercare.

By offering a wider assortment of services at your salon, you can attract a more diverse range of clientele and help more people achieve their long-sought lash goals. Consider learning how to perform one of the above treatments and adding it to your salon’s list of offerings.

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