3 Simple Ways To Help Elderly Loved Ones Enjoy The Festive Season

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It’s that special time of year again when the festive season has slowly crept upon us. Carol singers adorn our twinkly lit streets, chimneys are billowing with sweet-smelling smoke, and the Christmas displays in our high street stores try to capture the ubiquitous winter scenes. This a season when we grasp every opportunity to spend quality time with our nearest and dearest. You might get to see Uncle Bob who you haven’t seen in five years, meet some newborn cousins for the first time and say hello to a great aunt twice removed that you never even knew existed. The coming together of families at Christmas time is what the season is all about. However, this can be tricky when some of your relatives are venturing into their twilight years and aren’t as mobile as past festive seasons. Take a look at how you can still help them enjoy a happy and joyous Christmas.


If you have an elderly relative staying with you for the festive period, it’s vital that you keep them warm. As we grow older, we feel the cold to a greater extent. Ensure that you keep the heating on in their bedroom and make them feel comfortable enough to ask for anything that they might need, whether this is a drink, some food or help up the stairs. Some more mature folk can feel like a burden and won’t ask for the simplest of things, so it’s important that you make them feel as comfortable as possible and get their basic needs met.

Be Inclusive

Even if granny is hard of hearing and lacks the fine motor skills she once had, that doesn’t mean she should be ignored around the dinner table. Cut up her food, so she doesn’t even have to ask. If you don’t make a big deal of it and simply cater for her needs, no fuss needs to be made, and your granny will feel less of a burden. Don’t get frustrated with your relative’s hearing loss. It can be easy to become tired of speaking in a louder voice, and she may struggle to understand you, but think how frustrating it must be for granny. You will be as old as your wonderful relative at some point in the future, and you’ll want your kids to show patience with you so reciprocate with grandma.

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The In Between Days

Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty if you can’t spend every day with your more elderly relatives. It’s important that you enjoy the festive season with friends too, so when invited to the fancy dress soiree at your best mate’s house make sure you attend. If you’re worried that your grandad might feel lonely, why not employ the services of Seniors for Seniors. This way a friendly visitor can pop in and spend some time with grandad to play some dominoes, watch TV and maybe cook him a meal. There are always ways to think outside the box so you don’t have to be with your elderly relative 24 / 7 and he or she can also get some respite from you!

Christmas should be a fun, happy and memorable time for the entire family irrespective of age. Heed this advice and make sure that you help your elderly relatives enjoy the festive season.

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