3 Great Ways to Pull-off Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

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Though mismatched bridesmaid dresses are not necessarily a new thing, the ‘concept’ has gained popularity over the last few decades. Unlike, well, pretty much everything else in the wedding industry, it is a trend that can save you money and lower stress. On your special day, your BFFs also want to accentuate their best features. By choosing mismatched bridesmaid dresses, you can ask your squad to wear the outfit that matches their personality.

However, how to choose mismatched bridesmaid dresses from the tons of options given by the bridal shops? Are you wondering how to make it work? Here we have put together a few ways that can help you with this. Take a look.

Same color family, similar styles

Not everyone interprets color in the same way. So, if you want the outfit of your squad to look cohesive, choose a single shade, and stick to it. You can ask your crew members whether they would like to deck them up in the same hue or would they like to choose different shades of the same color. If you want everyone to show up in a similar style, then give direction on the length and material type. You don’t need to get as specific with the materials as silk or chiffon. However, in general, you can mean something like short and structured or long and flowy or nothing shiny, etc.

Same color family, different styles

If you just want to make everyone feel comfortable in the bridesmaid dress and increase the possibility of everybody being able to wear the outfit again, then stick to one color family but let everyone choose their own style. It will be particularly good if your bridal squad is made up of girls of different body types, or different personal styles, and you want to honor everyone’s choice. In order to avoid unemotionally matching, this setup would be easier if your color is neutral, like black, cream, or gold bridesmaid dresses, or something available in quantity, such as blushing pink that you can find at Cicinia Bridesmaid Dresses. If you still want some cohesion within your wedding party, it is better to agree on a level of formality before you start shopping. A romper might look strange next to an evening gown, and you don’t want anyone to feel that they have missed the memo on the dress code. Therefore, it is better for you and your squad to save their favorite styles so you can easily see that everyone is in the same boat.

Different colors and different styles  

You can add more variety to the two concepts mentioned above by doing more than one color or adding print options. And the key to making things cohesive is making sure there are some similar points. For instance, you can do all cocktail-length pastel florals or a mixture of solids and prints within the same color family. Or all floor-length dresses in a combination of maroon, teal, and eggplant. You can ask your bridesmaids t choose their own color but make sure you don’t end up with three or four of your friends wearing teal and only one in eggplant and thus, feeling like the odd one out. As mismatch is trendy, make sure to be realistic about your expectations, and know your squad. Do you have some super stylish friends or the ones, who always like to wear jeans and t-shirts? Then, you have to extra careful while picking their dresses

These are some of the ways with which you can pull off the bridesmaid dresses. Once you have a clear idea about the color and style in which your squad will ensemble themselves, wait no more, and opt for a reputable shop that offers bridesmaid dresses along with bridal gowns and cheap prom dresses and let the girls look their best on a special day.

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