14 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Comfortable at Your Home

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It’s always good to have your loved ones come to stay at your place. You can be their guide for the next few days and show them your favorite place. But when they arrive you may feel like you are worst at organizing the sleepover. Or you may don’t have enough rooms for your guest because your kids had taken over. You don’t have to worry because with these tips and tricks you will become the perfect host.

  1. Prep early

    Spend your time in the guest room before you host a party. Make sure you prepare in advance. Check whether there are enough blankets, comforters, and pillows for your guest. Because some guests are too polite to complain, so make sure you give them enough comfort and let them feel at home.

  2. Plenty of food and drinks

    Stock up your refrigerator with some snacks and drinks. So that your guest can enjoy whenever they feel hungry at night. The idea after this is to make your guest feel at home and comfortable. This will give them a chance to become closer to you.

  3. Tidy up your house

    Motivate yourself to clean your house and keep it tidy. This includes things such as cleaning clutter, small house repairs, or some redecorating items that you’ve been putting off. This will make your house look clean and beautiful.

  4. Don’t forget their kiddos

    If your guests are visiting with their kids, make sure you accommodate them too. In case, you don’t have any children at home, it wouldn’t hurt to pick up some games to keep them busy. You can even plan for some creative crafts. Moreover, if you and the kid’s parents are going out for a party, then you can arrange a babysitter. When arranging for a babysitter, make sure you discuss the transportation and payment.

  5. Improve your bedrooms

    Ensure that you put on the clean and fresh bedsheet, fluffy pillows, extra blankets and comforters. Sometimes the guest room bed sheets start smelling when they have not been used for many days. So, consider washing it before you spread it again in the guest room. Even add some comfort rugs to your guest rooms. But before putting, know the difference between the Persian and oriental rug to lay the perfect rug in guest rooms.

  6. Provide something to read

    Keep a small collection of magazines or some good read books. You can also keep some short stories that will make your guests feel welcome. Moreover, it will give them comfort and help them to adjust themselves in case they are early risers or night owls.

  7. Check details

    Generally, when you don’t use the guest rooms, the stuff goes unnoticed in the routine care of the home. You might don’t want to let your guest suffer because of your small mistake. So, check the lights, AC and fan properly. Also, make sure you check out the clocks, channel changers, blinds and other things that work fine. You can also maintain an eco-friendly home during covid 19 to make more comfort to your guest.

  8. Provide proper bathroom supplies

    Just like your other room’s bath area, you need to take care of your guest’s bathroom also. Don’t let the guest bathroom be the repository for old, dirty and dingy towels. Get some new towels for your guests. It will make them feel comfortable. Moreover, remove all empty bottles, unused and expired toiletries. Even you can find out some travel size bottles from the medical stores and pharmacies.

  9. Share some house secret

    If they are going to stay for the weekend and they are going out for some weekend fun, consider giving them extra keys with a cute key chain. Also, write some important stuff on the sticky notes and put it on the refrigerator including the WIFI passcode and alarm code.

  10. Provide a travel guide

    One of the best ways to make your guests more comfortable is by providing a guide to some of your favorite places and famous tourist spots in your city. Consider taking a printout or emailing them about the places to visit. Doing that will make them more comfortable and happier. Make it more personal by adding some local restaurant and its famous dishes or the bartender of your favorite bar. This will encourage independence and could give you some downtime.

  11. Make space for their stuff

    It doesn’t matter where your guest is going to stay in a spare bedroom or the living room, you need to provide an area where they can put their things and not feel like a home away. There are a few living rooms do’s and don’ts that can help you to make them more comfortable. You can clear out some of your drawers or a portion of your wardrobe. Do the same thing in the bath area, empty one drawer or enough space on open shelves for their belongings.

  12. Include them

    It is said that some good conversations happen while you prepare meals. So, ask your guest to wash or chop some veggies. It will make them feel at home. They will probably ask you to help and telling them to do some small stuff will make them happy, and you can probably use the help.

  13. Don’t forget to add some basic things

    Consider adding a light lamp and table clock next to the bed. Also add some stationery items such as pens, papers, tape, scissors, and a hairdryer. If you don’t have any extra iron or ironing table, let them know where they can find it. Also, take care of the rug so that it doesn’t slip from your hard floor.

  14. Provide privacy

    You might like that big tree outside your window, but your guest may not like it. So, choose the blinds and curtains that add to the character of the room and also provide some privacy and light control. If you want to keep it simple, consider blinds for that room. Even you can add a beautiful valance or side panels.


While it’s exciting to have your loved ones at your place, at the same time it difficult to handle them and give them proper treatment. But with these tips, your guest will appreciate your efforts to make them feel welcomed at your humble abode.

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