13 Best Fashion Accessories That Every Man Must Buy

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Men often tend to overlook giving proper attention to the accessories they wear. While a fashionable dress will let you stand out on any occasion, it will be the accessories that you adorn which will let you define yourself and steal the limelight. Below, we list thirteen fashion accessories that every man must buy and have in their possession.


Nothing makes a man as cool as donning stylish eyewear. If you already don’t wear any glasses, then consider wearing sunglasses. Remember to only buy eyewear that matches the shape of your face. As a rule of thumb, men with angular and well-defined jawlines can pull off around eyewear with ease. In contrast, if you have a round face, then rectangle shaped glasses will be more suitable for you.


Ties have always been an accessory that evokes a sense of class. Wear one to a formal meeting and you will surely look the part and mix well with the people. You can wear floral neckties also in parties. However, ties should not just be limited to corporate settings alone. You should try out some interesting color combinations and patterns that exude a fun vibe. Wear them to the next party with a matching set of clothes and you will leave your mark in the crowd. Be sure to check out various textures, especially ties that are wool knit.

  1. Rings

You should also own a couple of rings. Use a regular ring or an oversized ring as per the occasion. If you plan to wear a ring to a meeting, then a regular sized ring made from platinum should be an excellent choice. But if you are going for a crazy party, then be a little more adventurous and wear an oversized golden ring. And if it has any gemstones in them, then better. However, do make sure that you have the swag to carry off the oversized ring. If you are an introverted person, then wearing an oversized golden ring is not recommended.


Bracelets have become a trendy item among men in recent years. This mostly has to do with the fact that these are one of the few jewelry items that tend to be gender neutral.  Consider buying a leather cord bracelet since they tend to be popular among men. However, try to avoid leather cuffs altogether since they will look fairly dated and can have a negative effect on your appearance. You should also try on some Mala bracelets. But keep in mind that they are associated with Buddhists.


Necklaces can be tricky. The problem with these is that they have been for long associated with women. As such, men tend to avoid wearing a necklace. But wearing a thin, platinum necklace on formal or informal occasions can really give you a pleasant appearance. Care should be taken on how the necklace will frame your neck. And if you are setting up a house party, you can wear oversized golden necklaces and give off a rapper vibe. In case you have a fascination for Cuban links, you can browse through an excellent collection by visiting https://www.frostnyc.com/collections/cuban-link-chain.


A watch has always had an extraordinarily strong masculine identity attached to it, especially steel watches. And if you are not a fan of wearing bracelets, you should consider wearing a watch. They are excellent at giving you a professional appearance when you wear a sharp suit. Check out the stores and select one that has straps made from metal only, preferably steel. And if you think you can pull off golden watches, then buy them. If you are going for a vacation or are visiting your friend’s late-night party, then a watch with a leather strap will be more suitable. There are also funky watches with specific features like shiny time markers that are well suited for crazy, wild parties.

If you have French cuff shirts in your wardrobe, then you must get a few cufflinks. Both are perfect for each other. However, just as with cuff shirts, cufflinks are mostly formal wear. As such, wearing it to any fun event will make you look out of place. Now, the design of the cufflinks is entirely up to you. Just make sure that you don’t buy something that is too extravagant since it can appear tasteless. Plus, it is also a clever idea to avoid cufflinks that have gemstones in them.


Almost all men will have one or two belts in their homes. But you must not be satisfied with normal looking belts. A belt is an accessory that visually divides your body into two halves. As such, wearing something that gives equal attention to both is necessary. As a rule of thumb, the belt you wear must match your shoes when you are in a very formal setting. But if you are in an informal setting, say a party, then you can change the shades and experiment with the colors. A web belt is ideal in case you wish to sport a military look.

Tie Clips

If you have planned to buy a few times, then why not spend some more, and get some tie clips too? Tie clips were originally designed to pin the tie to the shirt. However, they have become a powerful fashion accessory at present. On formal occasions, it is best to stick with tie clips that have a traditional look and are made of silver or gold. For informal occasions, you can experiment with more funky looking tie clips. 


Footwear is the number one accessory as far as men’s fashion is concerned. After clothes, there is no other component more important to your looks than footwear. Things like sandals are best worn for casual occasions like a visit to the beach or a late-night party. Shoes can be worn in a corporate or casual setting. Leather shoes are ideal if you plan to attend a meeting or any such business event.  For fun occasions, try wearing a pair of boots.


During winter, you should consider wearing gloves. They usually give a very formal appearance to the wearer. And when wearing a full suit, a glove can make you look perfectly dressed, from the neck to the feet. You should only choose either woolen or leather glove. While a woolen glove can only be worn on casual occasions, a leather glove can be worn both in formal and casual settings.


The primary purpose of a wallet is to hold money. However, this does not mean that you completely neglect how your wallet looks. If you pull out a rough and outdated wallet while wearing a suit in a formal setting, then it will look out of place. This is why it is necessary that your wallet matches your dress. Ideally, you should buy at least two different wallets – one that you can take to a meeting, and another that you can take for a night out at a bar with friends. 

Baseball Cap

You should also look at buying a couple of baseball caps. Nothing will give you a ‘chill’ look more than a baseball cap worn in reverse. This is ideal for parties or for a visit to the bar with friends. Ideally, you should have caps with both muted colors and bright colors. Baseball caps that have a faded look to them are also great.

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