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12 Fashion Must-Haves Every Girl Needs In Their Life

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Keep up with the latest fashion trend is hard, frustrating, and not to mention, expensive. What’s considered trendy today may not be as stylish and fashionable the day after.

While trends do come and go, there are pieces which remain unfazed with the fast-changing world of fashion. These are the so-called timeless essentials that every girl needs.

But what are the fashion must-haves that every girl needs in their closet? Let’s find out.

The Little Black Dress

The little black dress remains at the top of the list. It doesn’t matter if you love dresses or not. This little must-have is something every girl needs, as one can rock the look at any given occasion. Dress it up or down easily, which makes it an essential investment. Choose one that has the length and style you’re comfortable with and one that fits you well. If you need help choosing the perfect LDB, there are lots of sources on the internet that can guide you along the way.

A Good Pair of Jeans

Everyone’s favorite is a comfy pair of jeans that you can wear during casual and lazy days. Almost all of us has a couple of their own, and this year’s beloved seems to gear towards boyfriend jeans. Every girl deserves to have the perfect jeans like a Slouchy Tapered Jeans by Levi’s. It is cute, cool, comfortable, and makes your butt look great.

A Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is universally flattering to all body types. This means this type and cut of the skirt looks incredible no matter your physique. This form-fitting bottom gently hugs your curves and elongate your legs, giving you a sexy and feminine look. You can dress it up by slipping in your high heels and a crisp white shirt or dress it down with a cute blouse and sneakers.

The Classic White T-Shirt

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Is there any piece as classic as the plain white tee? No one will argue about this statement, for this versatile piece is the ultimate go-to top for everyone. The great thing about a white t-shirt is that it looks great with almost everything. It doesn’t matter what bottoms you’re about to wear. Be it a cute pair of shorts, jeans, a skirt or even a slip dress, a cute t-shirt in plain white color is the perfect top for all.

A Striped Tee

Striped T-shirts are another closet staple thanks to its effortless and laid back style. You only need the most basic pieces when it comes to styling a classic striped T-shirt. Simple jeans, flats, and basic accessories and you’re good to go.

A Basic Cardigan

Sweaters and Jackets are not as flexible as a cardigan. These are a lot lighter, comfy and easy to carry compared to the two. It can act as your emergency warmer without taking up so much space on your bag. You can also tie it up on your bag or around your waist. They can give you a sophisticated look by draping a cardigan over your shoulder, or a boho look when paired with a pair of skinny jeans, a simple shirt, and a hippie headband.

An A-line Trench Coat

When the weather is cooler and temperature below zero, your classic trench coat will be your lifesaver. This is an excellent investment even if the seasons change every year, as you’ll get to wear it when the air is cold, and even if you lose or gain some weight. You can pair this up with every possible outfit, making it an essential part of every girl’s wardrobe.

A Pair of White Trainers

All of us can consider white trainers as a wardrobe staple. You don’t need to be a runner, player of gym junkie so that you can wear fashionable sneakers. It may be a pain to think these can quickly get dirty, but all your cleaning and maintenance is worth it for you can wear them day and night, no matter the occasion. Because they are comfortable, looks great and very versatile, every need to get at least one as their own.

A Pair of Everyday Pumps

Not everyone loves wearing high heels, but every lady needs on even if it’s just for special occasions. If you’re not into stilettos, then stick to closed-toe shoes with heels. This way, you can add some inches to your frame while looking and feeling sexy and confident. Wear these on job interviews, at the office, during meetings or on a girl’s night out.

Ballet Flats

Want something that is cheap, timeless but is a total shoe must-have? Then look no further as ballet flats are here to keep. They are the definition of cool and comfort combined. The drawback is that most of these flats wear out within a year or two, which makes it essential to look for one that one your favorite pair retires. But no worries! The market is full of no-heeled shoes that are cute, comfy and budget-friendly.

A Printed Scarf

Scarves are cute, fashionable and they can keep you warm. They can also be a lovely bag accessory while you do not need to wear one just yet. Wear it around your neck, over your head or around your shoulders. It can give you a little bit of warmth during unexpected cold nights. Plus, this functional accessory can turn your gear into a cute and trendy outfit in no time.

Delicate Jewelry

You may not be a fan of jewelry, or maybe you’re obsessed with eye-catching pieces. However, having delicate jewelry should be a priority as you can never go wrong with a nice accessory as this. A simple necklace, earring and a ring should be enough bling to last a lifetime.

Now you know what classic pieces you should have in your wardrobe. Make sure to give enough space to keep them inside your closet. It is worth noting that don’t need to have the trendiest clothes to stand out. All you need are the basics that can give you that style that’s both timeless and in-demand.

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