10 Reasons to Date a Well-Traveled Man by Jason Biondo

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Finding the perfect person to date and, possibly spend the rest of your life with, can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. But why would you want to try it out with a man who constantly travels? Here are some compelling reasons that will make you fall in love with a guy who is (almost) always on the road.

  1. He loves adventure

A well-traveled man is never a couch potato. Sure, there may be a few shows that he enjoys watching once in a while but he knows that there are much fun and better things to do outside. You will most likely be dragged into his adventures but you can be sure that you will enjoy and never regret doing all the crazy and new things in his bucket list.


  1. He’s fun and spontaneous

Any relationship can become boring especially if you do pretty much the same thing over and over again. A well-traveled man knows how to perk things up by letting new try something that you have never done before. How about doing some adrenaline pumping activities or going out hiking or enjoying a night in front of the campfire? Being with him will let you experience things that are way beyond your comfort zone.

  1. He is not quick tempered

Those who have been traveling for some time know that life is never a bed of roses. Missing luggage, canceled flights and failed reservations are just among the many things that they have encountered during their trips. But, instead of letting these situations ruin their day, they do not let it get to their head and instead see it as an opportunity to try something else that is not in their plans. Dating someone who is well traveled is dating a rational being who will think things through with an open mind. After all, he’s a person who has learned a lot of invaluable lessons in life by traveling often.

  1. He can make friends with anyone

People who constantly travel have certainly been around situations where they do not know of anyone or could not even speak the language. But, pretty sure, they have found ways to make connections with other people and make new sets of friends in the process. When you date a man who loves to travel, you can be sure that there will be no awkward moments when you tag him along. He can make decent conversation with just about anyone – perfect for when you introduce him to your parents or your circle of friends.


  1. He’s street smart and knows how to get out of sticky situations

Traveling to a new place will most likely put you in sticky situations such as when someone tries to cheat on you, charge you too much or even rob or hurt you. A well-traveled man will have developed his senses and can figure out if a bad situation is about to happen. It’s a comforting feeling to know that there is someone who will get you out of it and protect you during these troubled moments.

  1. He’s great with money

Life on the road can be tough especially for someone with a limited amount of money. Well-traveled people do not just know how to work hard for their money but they also know how to make it last long, how to find deals and bargains and even how to make money while traveling. At least you know this person can help you think clearly on how to save money in other important things in life such as a mortgage, a baby, education, retirement and so on.

  1. He’s low maintenance and can go with the flow

Anyone who has traveled knows that you cannot really control each and every aspect of your trip all the time. You cannot always choose what food to eat, when and where to sleep or what type of people you get surrounded by. Instead, a well-traveled man knows how to roll with the punches, whether in their travels or in life, and can pretty much go with the flow. It is clear to him that his happiness does not depend on these things because he has the choice on what his mood is going to be.

  1. He respects people’s differences

Traveling will force people to be mindful and adaptable to all types of people regardless of culture, religion, language or personality.  A man who is well-traveled knows, respects and admires others who are often much happier and have more meaningful lives than the rest of the world. Just because their way of living is different with what most people have gotten used to do not make them any different.


  1. He can appreciate even the smallest things

The beautiful sunset and sunrise, a great spot on the beach, a few hours of sleep, a few dollars saved – these are just some of the small things that most people neglect but a well-traveled man greatly appreciates. So you have just burnt yet another egg or cooked something way too salty, or bland, than it’s supposed to be? The man has probably had it worse and will deeply appreciate the effort and love that you have poured into your cooking.

  1. He knows what is more important in life

A guy who has a traveled a lot knows that experiences and memories are far more important than any riches in the world. Happiness and love does not, after all, depend on one’s possessions but instead on one’s mindset. Dating him will force you to think over your life and your values so you will both know what is most important in your individual lives and in your relationship.

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Jason Biondo is a travel junkie who loves to share insightful tips to his fellow travellers and backpackers. He is also a User Interface Developer Consultant and the founder of Trekeffect.

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