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10 Handy Tips for Women to Avoid Spending High On Beauty Products

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Beauty is endless and so your wonderful souls. The beauty industry is thriving as well as the most competitive markets in the world. As time is evolving, the range of makeup is becoming expensive, and the demand is also growing. But you can save your money by not spending high on beauty products and we are here to help you to take a step to save an extra amount in your pocket. There are many ways that you can opt by not giving up your beauty products and make your face as the center of attention. Just use some smart shopping tactics and you will become a wonder woman who saves a huge amount and using makeup too. 10 tips for women so, they can’t spend a high amount on beauty products.

  1. Maximize the Use of Your Makeup

“The majority of us restock our vanity with cosmetics in fear as if it runs out so we should have a backup plan. This action makes us take a step to dump our beauty products before it finishes off. We should use all the remaining products from the package before using the new one. Hence, this will make us take maximum advantage of the makeup as we are spending more. A tip to use the dried mascara, just keep the mascara in hot water and this technique will definitely work. You can use this technique for most of the products that you want to make full of use. While maximum use of beauty products is a good thing, an important consideration is to shop cosmetic supplies that are long-lasting and cruelty-free from Beauty Garde.”

  1. Collect Free Samples First

Make a mantra for shopping for beauty products, i.e., try before you buy. Use this mantra especially for expensive items. Making a stockpile of free samples is good as you can use the product easily and you know which product suits you very well. Never hesitate to ask for free product samples at beauty stores like Sephora, Nykaa and more. Now, the makeup counters of the drugstore are also providing samples when someone requests them. Online stores also give the samples to try when you shop online such as Ulta.com, Sephora.com, etc.

  1. Use MultiPurpose Products

Always buy a product which serves you in more than one way and it will cost you less also. For instance, you can use a tinted moisturizer to keep our skin soft and wrinkle-free, but you can use it as a foundation, and it also gives a tan complexion. Gel blushes can also be used as lipstick, baby lotion as a makeup remover, Vaseline can be used as lip gloss and more. As cosmetics have expiry dates, so find the multipurpose products as it will save your money and you have to throw the fewer items only. If your family is using different brands of the same product then try to buy the product from the same brand, which serves as unisex such as universal moisturizer.

  1. Shop During Sales

Try to buy more and genuine products and for this always choose the option to shop the beauty products during the sale. This increases the quantity of makeup, and you will get them at lower costs. Suppose there is a sale on lipsticks then stock it up and save your money but always check the expiry dates. You can save money on cosmetics by using coupons on a particular brand or item during sales. Every online store has a signup option through email updates so opt that option for your favorite brands to get the regular updates about offers and deals. Follow your favorite brands on social platforms to get notifications regarding brand sales. Use Feelunique discount code and get the makeup, skincare, body care and more in less amount. DealDrop.com would also be a great option to visit in order to find the best discounts and coupons.

  1. Keep Cosmetics in Fridge

You should always keep the products in a suitable environment to increase the life cycle of makeup products. If the items like moisturizers, natural oils, toothpaste, makeup, etc come in overexposure of any high temperature then it can be dried out. Always keep the containers sealed so it will not get any moisture and don’t even come in contact with bacteria. If the products are having oil, it is kept at room temperature, and you are not using it daily then it can go off. It should be kept in refrigerators to maintain the oils and not to develop any odor. Old nail polish gets clumsy, and you can’t apply it easily as it becomes hard so, to maintain its texture store them in the fridge as it maintains the smooth consistency and you can use it numerous times.

  1. Opt Lower Cost Brand

In the cosmetic industry, the competition is too high, and every product has a lot of competitive brands that consist of the same formula. The brand which has strong marketing charges high as their product will be sensed as better. You can find the mid-range products at nearby pharmacies that comes between the range of luxury brands and the budgeted one. If you have the habit of using high-priced brand products, then you might not know that many affordable brands also exist in the market. You can see the change by going one level below range beauty products and check that range is suiting to you or not.

  1. Want a Reward!

Have you ever heard of recycling in beauty fields? If not, then it might be astonishing for you that some eco-friendly cosmetic companies are giving free products as a reward to their customers who recycle the company’s used containers. A company named Lush is doing a promotion where costumers are taking five empty containers to any nearby stores, and they are getting a free fresh face mask. Another company named Kiehl’s is doing a giveaway of free travel-sized products of the costumer’s choice when they are giving 10 empty and full-sized Kiehl’s bottles to the store. MAC has named a program, i.e., ‘Back to MAC’ rewards where they give a free lipstick of customers ‘ choice when they return six empty containers to any nearby store. 

  1. Use Coupons to Redeem

Many cosmetic companies provide a discount and offer on several occasions. Always sign up for email updates or newsletters of your favorite brands to get the regular updates regarding sales on the online stores and find if your favorite cosmetic item is coming up for sale. Many makeup companies give bonus gifts when any shopper does the shopping at the minimum price. For instance, Estée Lauder gives a free eye makeup remover, a few brushes and a lipstick to the shopper who shops above $50.

There are many coupon websites where you can get all the latest and verified coupons and it saves your time and the stress of comparing all the online stores manually. So, check those sites and save a huge amount in your pocket mainly when spending on the brands like Bath and Body, save by using Bath & Body works coupon code.

Image by gonghuimin468 from Pixabay
  1. Duty-Free Stores

Duty-free stores provide great deals on the makeup products that we use in daily life, and sometimes they even give special offers. If you are a traveler and you are traveling to any international places, then you get the advantages of the great deals that you can grab at some duty-free stores. The duty-free stores sell cosmetic products without any local import tax so that’s why you can do big savings and coupons are added as here. 

  1. Make It Yourself

This might be a bit hard for you, but this will be definitely a healthier option and it will save a huge amount also in your wallet. You can do these makeup hacks from the ingredients which are already available in your kitchen. Ladies, you can make your own mint-scented hair removal cream from coconut oil, or you can make the hair conditioner by mixing a can of coconut milk, a tablespoon of honey, and a tablespoon of olive oil. There is no need to buy dandruff shampoo, you can use apple cider vinegar to rinse the hair after shampoo. It will clear all dandruff and only a bit smell of vinegar will remain. The food products like avocado, honey, and oatmeal can work well on your skin. Coconut oil can be used in many ways such as a hair mask and if you mix a teaspoon of oil with a pinch of sugar then it will be a good body scrub, moreover, you can also use it as a hydrating make-up remover.

Makeup and cosmetic products are beyond the imagination, and you can also rock your look with minimal products. It’s better to save money in your pocket rather than spending on unnecessary products again and again. You can also save your amount by using some coupons and discount codes such as Sephora KSA promo codes. If you can’t make it to get good coupons, then you can have great deals by shopping for the less valuable brands. We have suggested a few points above that how to save money by not spending more on cosmetic products. This is also your duty to keep an eye and find out the ways to save money.

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