Zack King Drops New Single Let’s Call It A Night

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Have you ever been so obsessed with someone to the point where you can’t sleep? And the only way to forget about them is by finding your way to the bottom of a bottle? “Let’s call it a Night” tells the story of exactly that – trying so hard to forget about someone so you can finally find peace.

Making the bold move from the harsh winters of Minnesota to the endless summers of America’s West Coast has certainly paid dividends for Zack King. The enormously talented guitarist and singer songwriter has been consistently releasing music since 2020, with his latest single Let’s Call It A Night how far he has come.

Migrating between pop rock with occasional punk influences, Zack creates hooks and melodies that are instantly recognizable and enduring. His lyrics are a poignant and powerful reminder that the path to a successful life is full of obstacles that need to be met head on. 

Zack’s reputation as an intricate, intelligent, and inspired musician is growing day by day. More and more people are discovering his back catalog which features an astounding album and countless singles. That legacy is only going to grow in 2023 delivering more memorable moments.

Zack’s planning on releasing a full album in 2023 and going on a west coast tour this summer. To keep up with Zack’s journey, you can follow him on his TikTok account here:

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