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Your Essential Guide To Picking The Perfect LBD

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The Little Black Dress is the one piece of wow that absolutely no woman can live without. It is the number one item in a girl’s closet for the simple fact it does it all; style and versatility. It doesn’t matter whether your style is Steampunk, sophisticated, sexy or Summer Goth, the Little Black Dress is the perfect foundation of just about any outfit imaginable. It is a timeless classic, an item that can be used to dress up for an event or dress down for a lunchtime date.

But choosing a Little Black Dress should not be done lightly. Oh no. This is a shopping experience that requires your undivided attention and more consciousness than you may have ever realized. Luckily for you, we have pulled together the ultimate guide on how to choose the perfect Little Black Dress for you.

Don’t Settle For Less Than Perfect

The first stop on the train ride to perfection and endless style is you; it is making sure the dress fits you and the shape suits yours. In the same way every guy is told they need to pick a suit that fits them no matter what, you need to find an LBD that fits you in every way. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter dress, which is why you find one that suits you is so important and why you look at all the dress boutiques online and try on all the styles you possibly can. If you find yourself saying anything like “I’ll just take the hem up an inch when I get home” or “I’ll take it in around the waist” then don’t buy it and keep looking. This is your dream LBD, and that means it needs to be perfect in every way, from letting you breathe to letting you dance.

Always Stay True To You

You should never-ever-ever swap style for versatility because if you don’t like the Little Black Dress you have bought then what is the point in any of this. What is the point in life? Yes, the LBD is a staple item of every closet and that one item you can wear with everything, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dull, dim or boring. The rules are it needs to fit you and it needs to fit your personality. It could be that you sway towards all things retro, or maybe you have a soft spot for a more minimalist look. Perhaps you can’t help but fall head over heels for maxi gowns or have fallen for that younger looking style encapsulated by the baby-doll look. They may each fall within the glorious bell curve that is The Little Black Dress, but each of these styles is different from the next. It is the nuances that make a big difference with this kind of fashion.

Always Consider Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle and style are totally different things altogether. So while we need to make sure we are buying an LBD that suits our style, we also need to make sure we are buying without lifestyle in mind too; that’s to say the kind of events we will wear these at and where they fall on the formality scale. Let’s think about this for a second. Yes, your LBD is going to be one of the most versatile pieces in your closet, but you still need to consider the wearability; you are not going to need the kind of long and flowing dress you’ll see at an Oscar’s after party if you are the kind of chick that is still at art school – that’s when something shorter and easier to wear day to day will suit you better. If you are a career woman, then you may want to get something you can wear to work and then dress up quickly with a blazer and statement necklace for drinks that evening at the casino or wherever. Knowing when and where you will wear your Little Black Dress is as important as anything else.

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