Your Best Guide To Increase Employees Performance Through Improve Work Behavior

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Employee performance greatly affects the continuity of a company. Employees who have good performance will be able to help to make the company easier to thrive. However, unfortunately, employees are not always at their best performance at work. So, if you are a leader of a team or an HR professional, it is your job to do what you can to try to improve their performance. Check out how to improve employee performance below!

Correlation between Employee Performance and Work Behavior

Employee performance will be greatly impacted by their work behavior. Work behavior is an attitude and action that employees showcase while working in the office. So the better the work behavior they have, will better help to improve the company’s productivity.

It can be concluded that work behavior is the behavior and ability of employees who are shown in carrying out various tasks at work. And the company’s task is to encourage employees to eliminate bad work behavior behaviors and seek ways to improve their performance to support company productivity 

What Are The Factors Influencing Work Behavior?

  • Work Environment

The work environment where employees work is one of the important factors that influence their behavior at work. It takes a work environment that is comfortable, safe, clean and has a minimum level of disturbance to make it easy for employees to work. That way, employees will develop a good work attitude. 

To ensure your team can have a great working environment, you should hire a commercial office cleaning Singapore. That way, you can always ensure the office condition is tidy and spotless at all times. Thus, employee performance can be kept at its best.

  • Conflict

Conflict in the work environment is another factor that can influence employee work behavior.  Even though conflict itself can be constructive, conflict in the work environment tends to hinder the achievement of the goals of the job. So it is not too much to say that conflict can generally damage employee work behavior. 

To ensure you can avoid this from happening, it is best to do a team-building event that aims to make employees close to each other. By improving the relationship between employees, better collaboration in the team can be achieved.

  • Communication 

Another important factor affecting bad employee behavior is communication. When communication between employees in the work environment is at its worse, it will affect their work behavior. Communication plays a role in the delivery and understanding of what work needs to be done, so if it’s not done properly it can impact the workflow. One tip that can help to improve communication among employees is by conducting communication training for all employees at the office.

What Are the Examples of Good Working Behavior?

An example of good working behavior in employees is for them to act professionally in the work environment. The professional attitude that employees should have is being punctual, responsible, polite, respecting colleagues, and optimistic. Those who have these attitudes will position themselves so that they can understand the tasks they have and carry them out professionally.

What Are the Examples of Bad Working Behavior?

Whether intentional or not, there are enough examples of bad attitudes among employees that should be eliminated immediately so that the company can achieve common goals according to its vision and mission. The bad habits of employees in the office are complaining, finding excuses for unfinished tasks, not showing enthusiasm at work, being happy to gossip all day, and many more.

These are very dangerous to do on an everyday basis because eventually employee work performance will be decreased if they don’t change themself for the better and eliminate this bad working behavior.

What To Do To Improve Employee Performance?

If you notice that your employees have bad working behavior, the next thing you should do is to make a plan to improve employee performance.

What you should do first by conducting a discussion with the employees about poor performance, and afterward, according to the information you have collected from the meetings or discussions you can create a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP). PIP is an action plan that is carried out to improve the performance of employees who are performing poorly in the hope that there will be changes.

It is recommended for HR professionals and related managers to evaluate and develop this plan together.  Ideally, the PIP should be provided in writing to these employees and accepted by them even before planning begins. PIP should include objectives that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-frame-based (SMART).  

In addition, make a reward system that will be given if the performance of the employee concerned has increased as well as sanctions that will be given if the performance of the employee concerned still does not increase.

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