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You can finally get answers to chronic fatigue syndrome and learn how to live with it

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Everybody experiences fatigue from endless work that seems to be piling more each day. Both the body and the mind reach a point where they cannot handle it anymore. This kind of exhaustion goes away after a night of rest, and we wake up to a new day fresh to handle any challenges life throws at us. What if the fatigue never goes away? Some people report feeling tired all the time; a condition doctors call chronic fatigue syndrome.

Statistics reveal that about 4 million of the US populations suffers from this condition. Your fatigue should not last for more than six months. Today, we will educate you on chronic fatigue syndrome by telling you how can cope with this condition as well as its symptoms. Find out more!

What are some of the symptoms of this condition?

The disease is hard to diagnose, but some symptoms manifest themselves. It starts like flu which is followed by joint pain or muscle pain. It affects your concentration and may cause the loss of memory. The lymph nodes become enlarged, and one is prone to headaches. Night sweats and digestive disorders are also symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome.

How can you cope with it?


Not many of us admit that we have a problem that is beyond us. Taking charge of your wellness is the first step to recovery. Even though this condition remains mysterious with no cure, healing can start with you.

Write down every question you have regarding chronic fatigue syndrome and raise it up with your doctor to clear your doubts. If they are not clear, get a second opinion from another doctor so that you can finally accept that your fatigue is abnormal.

Do experiments

This condition requires you to go with your gut. Test new healthy diets that may help get you more energy as you cut down on unhealthy ones. You can try making smoothies of raw vegetables to break the monotony of unhealthy processed foods. They may not heal you, but they will raise your energy levels and make you feel better.

Nurture your emotions

Research shows that stress contributes to chronic fatigue system. That is why you should always nurture your feelings as a step to healing. You can do this differently for instance through journaling or peer counseling. Meditating can also help you relax and get rid of hard emotions.

Start believing

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complex condition that requires more than physical changes. Your psychological approach towards the disease can affect your progress. That is why you must start having more confidence in yourself and believing that the fatigue is a temporary phase that will soon disappear. Remain optimistic always, and fatigue syndrome should never be an obstacle whatsoever.

Find your healing spaces

 Adjust your home to accommodate your condition. Find healing spaces where you can practice yoga or qigong. Use these space to connect with the inner self to help you relax as you become more flexible through stretching exercises. They will clear your mind of ill thoughts and reduce your stress levels.

Put your medical information in one place

Sometimes, chronic fatigue syndrome can make you forget to attend appointments if you are disorganized with your medical papers. Get one folder and put everything inside as you monitor when you should see your doctor and which medications you should get from the pharmacy. You will cope well when you are organized.

Interact with friends and family

People around you may not understand what chronic fatigue syndrome is. If you interact with them and share what you have learned, they will respond positively towards you. Let them be your support to lean on when you are feeling unwell as they will lift your spirit.

Engage in cognitive therapy

Sometimes this condition stems from normal fatigue due to anxiety and low mood. Doctors call it the brain fog. Cognitive therapy can help you deal with both psychological issues and such physical difficulties to help you recover. Find a therapist who can assist you handle life situations that may be disturbing you.

Avoid substance abuse

Drugs only worsen the situation since they interfere with the normal functioning of your body organs. Some people in this condition try pills to reduce stress, but these drugs only give you a temporary solution. Therecoveryvillage can help you break drug tolerance and provide you with counseling to deal with stress using better techniques.

Think about your expectations

Do you strive for perfection in everything? Sometimes, it is hard to achieve this and failing to meet your expectations does not mean that you are a failure. This mentality is what affects your mind and causes fatigue from depression. Adjust those expectations and accept that nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes, but we learn from them. Use those challenges in life to create something productive out of it rather than exposing yourself to such conditions.

Empathize rather than criticizing yourself

Sometimes, we push ourselves too hard and criticize ourselves when the condition is beyond our control. Instead of calling yourself lazy, remind yourself that it is an illness and self-criticism lowers your self-esteem.

You can only recover if you remain compassionate with yourself and do what you can instead of pushing yourself too hard even when you don’t have the energy to do it.  The condition may limit you physically and accepting this can help you cope well.

Get sufficient vitamin D

 Do not remain in the house all day if you can get enough vitamin D from the sun outside. The sun is a natural source of vitamins that you can utilize at least once a day. You can relax in your backyard where there is enough room for the sun to penetrate. It will make you feel better and raise your energy levels.

Final thoughts

Chronic fatigue syndrome may not have a cure, but doctors say that you are the cure to your condition. You can achieve this through the mechanisms above to help you deal with the confusion, stress and the limitations that come with the disease. Your family can help you adjust to the new condition and help you cope well by giving you both physical, spiritual and financial support.

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