Yoga for paraplegics: How it helps?

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Yoga helps us in attaining inner peace as well as increases strength. However, in some rare situations, people who are suffering from spinal cord injury get perplexed about yoga. Paralysis happens when a muscle is unable to move itself. Paraplegics can also perform yoga and with the help of it, we can make the body parts move and feel better.

Though the immediate results are not possible, with patience and belief, everything can be achieved. Generally, some common causes that are seen are trauma, nerve damage, or even polio. Today, in this article, we are going to look at yoga for paraplegics and see how it benefits. 

It depends on the amount of body paralysis that is there. And if you follow the famous saying “if you are able to breathe, you can perform yoga”, you can do yoga in any circumstances. Performing yoga will help you in attaining inner peace as well as weight loss along with sleep balance and better life quality. All these things might not directly improvise the paraplegic condition but helps you in improvising mental health. 

When certain yoga poses are performed, a positive impact can be seen on muscles as well as the spinal cord. With the passage of time, the inactive nerves, as well as muscle groups that are damaged, will get healed. Blood supply can be restored and the nerves will gradually start to receive the signals from the brain along with necessary nutrients. 

Different grades are associated with muscles. If the muscle is least moving, Grade 0 is given and similarly, Grade 5 is given to muscles that are showing normal movement. While a Grade 0 muscle shows minimal movement, we can still perform pranayama. People having Grade 3 as well as Grade 4 muscle level can almost perform yoga postures as a normal person. All in all, with the help of breathing practices and yoga postures, we can improve our condition. 

Generally, the time it takes for everyone to get relief from suffering differs. A nerve damage lasts longer and requires more time to heal. While spinal injury tends to heal quicker than that, given that the problem can be resolved without opting for an operation. If hypertension is the cause, yoga postures that help in reducing the blood pressure are performed. 

There are few yoga postures that might help in improving the condition, as we discussed. Those are as follows:

  • Parvatasana
  • Mandukasana
  • Siddhasana 

These postures are very helpful for paraplegics and one must try practicing them. You can search for these postures on the internet and you will get a suitable demonstration for the same. Check out a good video and follow the instructions given for these postures and start doing them at home. You will really feel confident doing it and will even suggest them to other paraplegics.

So, this was all about yoga for paraplegics. Everyone can perform yoga; however, the postures are limited as per the capabilities. Just start practicing it and you will feel the power of yoga within a few days.

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