Wowashwow Provides Hot Intensity in “Heatwave” Music Video

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Wowashwow recently dropped her scorching music video just in time for the soulful summer. “Heatwave,” brings all the crisp tunes to perfectly mix with her forthright, passionate lyrics to depict the elevated confidence developed since beginning her career. Coming off her debut album, I’m A Hashole, where the South Jersey/Philadelphia native brilliantly integrates a booming bass production to her blazing rap skills, Wowashwow proves to solidify herself with the likes of fellow rising female hip-hop cultivators while advocating her self-conviction and cannabis outlooks.

“‘Heatwave’ is a song with two different perspectives. On one hand, you have a song that’s meant to make your soul come alive and fill you with the confidence of a lioness. But it’s also talking about the environments weed can mature in.” Wowashwow

Filmed in the desert at the infamous Pink Mirage House, owned by iconic music video director Damien Sandoval, the visuals of a dry world are brought to life through Wowashwow’s colorful personality and wardrobe, which was styled by Troy C Ford of The Suga Shack. She progresses through the video displaying her versatility, swiftly alternating her outfits to adapt to the everchanging vibrant shades of the house’s decorative interior. Wowashwow takes pride in showcasing her melodic growth since her first music video, “RICK ROSS,” through her collaboration with Voodoo visual team’s of enhancing her solo arsenal.

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