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Would You Wait for Me? by Anna Lee

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We have Anna Lee stopping by today with her new release Would You Wait for Me? from Pride Publishing

Kip made a promise to Lucas that he’d come home to him after his tour overseas, but will Lucas be waiting for him like he promised?

Kip Foster is nearly finished with his tour overseas and is ready to leave the hot desert and constant threat of danger. He hopes to reunite with his lover, Lucas Danvers. When he calls to ask Lucas to meet him at their hotel, however, Lucas breaks it off with him. Lucas no longer wants to be his dirty little secret. He says he’s waited long enough for Kip to make a choice and he hasn’t. Devastated, Kip realizes how much he loves Lucas and that if he’s to win him back he needs to do something big. He needs to not let hate and fear control his life. So he makes plans to start living life the way he wants to. Will Lucas still be waiting when he comes home, though?

Exclusive Excerpt:

As he kissed along Lucas’s jaw, Kip wished they could stay here in this moment. Freeze time. He didn’t want to leave his lover. But his duffel was by the door and in the morning he’d drive back to the base and be deployed to Iraq.

Lucas pulled him in for a kiss. “Stay with me, babe.”

“I want to,” Kip whispered, gazing at him. He knew Lucas meant in the here and now but he voiced his thoughts. He braced his hands on either side of Lucas’s head. Their naked bodies entwined with the twisted sheets. They were both still half-hard even though they’d just made love.

“I know.” Lucas’s sea-blue eyes teared up. “Promise me something?”


“Come home to me. Make it through this tour and get back here. I don’t… I can’t lose you.”

He moved and wrapped Lucas in a hug. “You won’t.” He brushed his lips to Lucas’s forehead, pushing back his brown curls. “Promise me you’ll wait for me?” He wanted to be everything Lucas needed. And he hoped his promise would be enough.

“I will,” Lucas swore, giving him a small smile.

“Then I’ll do anything I have to so I can get back here to you.” Kip kissed him softly, but the kiss became fueled by need and the desire to not part. He rolled Lucas over so he was on top once again, their cocks languidly sliding together. “I love you, Luc.”

“I love you, too.” Lucas clung tightly to him as they rocked toward their climaxes. They reached it together, falling into pleasure as they held onto one another. Kip wanted to sear this into his memory—this would be a moment he’d remember to get him through the rough and lonely days ahead.

* * * *

The next morning came way too soon. Kip showered and dressed as Lucas ordered them breakfast. They shared pancakes and coffee on the unmade bed. As they ate, Kip wondered when they’d be together again. He had his orders, but he could return sooner or even later. Eight months was a long time. They could write letters, sure, but phone calls would be few and far between to avoid suspicion. And Skyping was out. Any rumors could get back to his father, the base commander, and he’d be forced to come out. He wasn’t ready for that yet. He wanted to openly declare he was in a relationship with the beautiful man beside him, but he was afraid of the risks. There were so many to think about where he was going. He sighed and Lucas looked up from his cup. “What is it?”

He reached over to caress Lucas’s cheek. “Nothing. You know we’ll have to celebrate our anniversary when I get back.” Four years ago, when Jax—Kip’s German Shepherd—had fallen ill, they’d met while Lucas had been doing an internship. They’d just clicked and Lucas had been a good friend when he’d made the difficult decision to put the dog to sleep as he’d had a brain tumor. Friendship had slowly become more, and Lucas had agreed to keep their relationship a secret during his first tour. Since then, they’d fallen in love, but were still hiding it from everyone. And here he was, ready for the next deployment.

“Four years next month.” Lucas smiled. Then he ran a hand through his hair. “I wish I could go with you right now. See you off.”

“I know, but it’s better this way. We can say our goodbyes and I can kiss you all I want.”

Lucas leaned over and gave him a coffee-flavored kiss. “Promise you’ll at least think about me being at the homecoming when you get back?”

“I will.” Kip gazed at him. “I’m really going to miss you.”

“Me too.” Lucas bit his lip. “I’m going to start interviews next week. I’m hoping if I can get a decent job I could get a bigger place. Then we wouldn’t have to come here all the time.”

Kip was staying in the barracks, and they could barely turn around in Lucas’s apartment, so the hotel was a nice place for them both to get away from it all. “Didn’t Brianna say she’d have a spot for you once you got your degree?”

“She did.” Lucas nodded. “And my aunt might be moving to Florida, so there’s another option.”

“Oh, yeah? She’ll give you the house?”

“Not outright, but it could be mine… Ours,” he said quietly.

“That would be great… I gotta go, baby. We’ll talk about this more later, okay?” Kip grabbed his duffel and cap. He checked the clock. “I’m already pushing it.”

“I’ll hold you to that.” Lucas jumped up and walked over to him. He adjusted Kip’s jacket, then cupped his face and kissed him so softly it took Kip’s breath away.

He put Lucas’s hand on his heart. “I’m leaving this here, keep it safe.”

There were tears in Lucas’s eyes and he just nodded. For a moment he was silent, then he said, “I’ll write you every day.”

“And I’ll call when I can.” Kip embraced his lover and breathed him in. It took every ounce of willpower to step away and go to the door. “I’ll be back before you know it.”

“You’d better be.” Lucas gave him a watery smile. “Love you, Kip.”

He turned back and grinned at Lucas, putting on a brave front and feigning confidence he didn’t feel. “Love you, Lucas.” He hefted his bag over his shoulder and walked away, already wishing he didn’t have to leave.

About the Author

Anna Lee graduated from the University of California Riverside with a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing. Living with a disability, she has overcome many challenges and puts her passion for life and love into her writing. She lives with her family and dogs and enjoys writing late into the night. When she isn’t writing Anna enjoys chasing after her nieces and nephew or chatting with her friends about her favorite books and TV shows.

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