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Women And The Importance Of Self-Defense: Should This Be Required?

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Because of brave women who fought for equal rights, gone are the days when ladies lived in the shadows of men. Women are able to go to school and are given working opportunities fit for them.

When it comes to self-security, the perception of women hasn’t changed so much up to this day. Women still are seen as fragile, vulnerable individuals whom men need to protect. But that shouldn’t always be the case. Perpetrators are everywhere, and ladies should know how to protect themselves from getting violated. One of the best forms of protection is learning the self-defense moves; be it a choice of martial arts or simple moves of defending oneself.


Importance of Self-Defense in Women

Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

The decision to live a more active and healthier lifestyle is an important one to make, whatever your age and status are. Exercising regularly is linked to a longer lifespan, as well as increased serotonin, which helps fight off depression. And if you’re going to exercise, why not do so in a positive, community-based environment, like a supportive self-defense class? Whether you prefer the Krav Maga or the Jiu-Jitsu self-defense style, sparring sessions are a great bonding exercise.

Watching your fellow classmates learn and excel in the class will help you to better appreciate your own learning process. It’s a lot of fun and a great stress reliever to spend a few hours a week punching and kicking your way to victory! You can take self-defense classes for as low as $75 per session, and even if you choose one-on-one classes, you’ll reap the benefits of increased serotonin, stamina, and even your muscle mass.

Teaches Self-Discipline

A healthy body deserves a healthy mind to master it. Self-defense classes have been shown to increase self-discipline among those who attend. In an increasingly stressful world of multi-taskers and high anxiety, this is a serious claim. Many people get into a self-defense class believing that it will make them tougher, or that they will suddenly be able to take on a prowler or a would-be assailant at every turn.

But one of the first things taught in any decent self-defense class is when not to fight. Learning to breathe deeply, and not turn to aggression, anger, or anxiety when you become agitated is an important part of all self-defense training. It will carry over to other aspects of your life. It seems counter-intuitive, but the reasons are obvious when you stop and think about them. If you remain calm in the presence of an aggressor, you will less likely make snap judgments that may put your life at risk.


Why Women Should Learn Self-Defense

This brings us to the most important and most obvious reason why self-defense courses should be more common for women: the rate of sexual assault and violence against women is astonishingly high. According to Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN), most violent and abusive encounters occur with male acquaintances. As such, it is safe to say that the days of being rescued by men seldom happens. Self-defense classes make it possible to feel safe walking home alone or even living alone.

They may mean the difference between going home safely to your family and becoming another statistic on the nightly news. It’s not a pretty thing to think about, but of the thousands of men who have committed violence against women, only a very small percentage are convicted. They get out of prison and are ready to do harm anytime they want to. Self-defense classes mean that you could be able to protect yourself from serious harm or even death.


The truth is, we don’t always live in a world that is safe or comfortable for women to inhabit. The statistics for violence against women are staggering, and that alone should be enough of a good reason to take a self-defense class or two. It is to ensure one’s safety, and sometimes even the safety of those you love.

Apart from that, learning self-defense also helps in keeping the body fit and may even offer a community of supportive, determined people to help you reach your potential. They help to cultivate discipline in your everyday life, an invaluable skill in a society which keeps us moving from high-stress jobs to the stresses of family life. Any way you look at it, investing your time in a self-defense class is potent for the health, safety, and peace of mind.

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