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With elements of electronica and dream-pop, ZELAH’s ‘Static’ is simply magnetic

ZELAH’s brand new single ‘Static’ simmers and burns with the unyielding desire from another person; someone with whom you share an inexplicable connection. The track is direct and passionate built upon atmospheric sustained keys, dreamy guitars, minimalist electronic beats, pretty synth melodies and magnetic lead vocals.

Elements of electronica and dream-pop all interweave to relay ZELAH’s singular message – “I want you”.

Speaking about the writing of the track singer Zelah Van-Gowler speaks of the magic behind love connections:

“It’s like that unspoken magnetism towards a person that just completely captivates you for a certain time, and you can’t quite pinpoint what it is about them. You’re left wondering if they felt that same thing or maybe it’s all in your own head (and sometimes it is), but there’s just something extremely magical about it.”

There’s very little in the way of frills when it comes to ZELAH’s music, something that you’ll come to discover with each new song in the run up to their debut EP this Spring.

Here Zelah Van-Gowler further illuminates the creative process behind ‘Static’:

“My mindset when I sat down to write ‘Static’ was that I just wanted to convey the message in the simplest of ways. There’s no uncertainty or unnecessary complexity, which sometimes I think we grasp on to as writers, arguably believing it’s the only way to validate our work being good. I love keeping things more interpretive in the lyrics of certain songs we’ve written, however I had such a clear feeling that I could only write it down that way.”

Stream ‘Static’ here:

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