Wild The Coyote Releases Hometown Inspired EP, 7 Roses

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Hollywood’s modern-day outlaw Wild The Coyote has just released his newest EP, 7 Roses. The alternative country-rock EP is an homage to the artist’s hometown. The seven-track album follows Coyote’s rugged musical style, featuring electric guitars, thumping beats, and raw lyrics. Wild the Coyote’s vocals are sure to cut audiences to their core as they rock out to the emotional rollercoaster that is 7 Roses. The EP is now available here

The new EP from Wild The Coyote includes hit singles “Silver Round Bullet” and “Under The Weather” as well as five new tracks. Coyote also dropped a new video for “Under the Weather” on his Youtube channel. 7 Roses opens with the song “Lately That’s What I Do” which provides a perfect introduction to the cognitive dissonance experienced by Wild The Coyote in his hometown as he sings the line, “never wanted to let you down, but lately that’s what I do.” Coyote closes out the EP with a song called “Thank You, Goodbye” which offers closure to both himself and the listener following his story. 

“‘7 Roses’ is for the 7 days when I wrote 7 stories about the emotions that carried me from childhood to manhood, which I can now lay to rest” – Wild The Coyote

When describing the inspiration that allowed him to write the entire EP in only seven days, Wild The Coyote explains, “I went to visit my mom in the small town that I grew up in as I needed an escape from LA. When I got there it dawned on me to escape even further and write an album, alone in the country, in significant places that I would go to as a kid to get lost. I told myself I wouldn’t go back to Los Angeles until I wrote every song. Only 7 days went by before I was headed back with an album written, eagerly booking studio time as I drove into LA.”

The EP 7 Roses was produced by Joseph Holiday and is available now here

Stay tuned for all things Wild The Coyote by visiting WildTheCoyote.com or by following him on Instagram @wildthecoyote

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