Wild Giants Electrifying EP ‘Hey There, Slow Down, Help Me

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The Arizona-based alternative rock band Wild Giants just released their brand new EP Hey There, Slow Down, Help Me to the public.

With this new project, the band has found themselves stepping into new territory with their songwriting, varying from a unique take on a sci-fi based inquiry to personal emotional vulnerability. The EP has seven tracks on it, three of which fans have already heard (including our favorite, “Why Aren’t We Freaking Out?”), and within these tracks is the guitar-driven, lyrically honest, upbeat sound that Wild Giants makes their own. WIld Giants’ new EP is a solid presentation of the trajectory they want to take for the future of the group.

With a sound reminiscent of Moose Blood and Catfish & the Bottlemen, Wild Giants offer a modern take on nostalgic rock music paired with the perfectly curated lyricism crafted by lead singer Austin Walashek. Unreleased songs from Hey There, Slow Down, Help Me like “If God Only Knew” and “Hometown” offer a more vulnerable undertone and depth in lyricism, with themes like God being ashamed of your inner thoughts and blaming your hometown for how you are as a person. These genuine feelings come across as very raw and relatable which makes them sure to be fan favorites. 

Stream the EP here and follow the band on Instagram @WildGiants

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