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Why You Should Hire A Tutor for Your Child

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Even if tutoring is popular among parents and children these days, some parents are still in doubt about it. Paying someone extra to teach your children lessons they’ve learned before in their own classroom seems ridiculous, not to mention the waste of money. But, is it waste of money or is it an investment?

Based on many encounters with parents and children alike, we actually agree that tutoring is indeed beneficial. It’s not ridiculous at all, nor money-wasting. What you get from tutoring will most likely match or even exceed what you pay for. Not convinced? Well, here is 7 closer look to the best reason on why you should hire a tutor for your child.


1.    Help Them Catch Up to Their Peer Level

Every children learns thing on their own pace, but in the regular classroom, they must settle for one pace set by the teacher and the curriculum. Naturally, some children will feel their lesson go very slowly, but some others be actually left behind.

If it is the last case, then the importance of hiring a tutor will increase. Once your kid get left behind, if he or she doesn’t catch up, the gap will become too large. Probably even large enough to show in their mark.

2.    Increase Their Understanding for the Subject

Due to time pressure in a traditional class, sometimes your kid won’t get a chance to get the same explanation twice. In private tutoring, he or she can have the attention of the tutor solely on him or her, and therefore can ask the same question for many times as he or she wants until she understand.

Tutor has time and energy (and also get paid)  to go this extra miles to get your children to understand the subject, but not the teacher.

3.    Increase Their Confidence

If your kid starts to fall behind their peers, they may lose their confidence, thinking that they don’t have what other people have. Tutoring can help them increase their confidence. This is closely related to reason one. When they can do what their friend can do (in this case, get good marks in a test), they will feel good.

If they fail to catch up, they may feel insecure, and insecurity costs a lot. This may low their self-esteem, causing them to withdraw themselves from their peer, afraid to be judged and ridiculed. Low self-esteem during school days, if not properly taken care of, may continue until adulthood in the children’s future working environment.

4.    Make Learning Fun for Them

It depends on the tutor, but if you find the right one, that tutor can change tedious study routine into a fun one and make your kid less resistant to studying. Children dread study time, because it’s not fun and in children’s dictionary, anything not fun is anything not worth doing.

Tutoring is fun because the children and the tutor has a less formal relationship than in the school. During tutoring, children and tutor can both crack a joke, laugh, or even play a game that is related to the subject of their learning. If your children can look forward for a study session, then you know you’ve done something weird.

5.    Make Them Understand Their Learning Style

There are three distinct learning styles: visual, audio, and kinetic. People with visual learning style will understand a concept faster when it is explained in picture, diagram, chart, and other visual tools. People with audio learning style need to listen or to be talked to, and enjoy audio material such as a podcast. Finally, people with kinetic learning style understand everything better when they practice it with their body and movement.

In school, the chance to experiment using these three styles is minimal, and your children may not be exposed enough to all three of these style to understand what their learning style is. With tutoring, you can request and observe for yourself, which of the three methods your kids enjoy the most.

6.    Keep Them at the Top of Their Game

Even if a lot of people recognize tutoring as a form of help for a student who can’t catch up to classroom lesson, tutoring is actually also common for the academically talented students. This is because their parents recognize their children’s strength early on and notice that their school won’t be able to keep them entertained for too long.

The material given to the children will be different as well. Instead of revisiting the lesson they’ve learned in the classroom and understanding them and practicing them, the tutor can give the next lesson’s material in school. Later, when the school finally catch up, your children will always be one step ahead of the curriculum.

7.    Help Them with Their Learning Issue

When they can’t catch up with their friends in academic performance, children usually won’t understand why they can’t do the same thing their friend can. They may think that their friend is simply smarter and they are simply stupider, while the reality is, sometimes they have learning issue – something that can actually be corrected.

Private tutoring offer much flexibility, including the way tutor teach. For example, you know your kid is smart, but somehow he never be able to score above C on his assignment. Upon further inspection, you realize that your kid is bad with time management during the exam. He or she will spend too much time in lower-level question and by the time they’re about to reach the important question, time is already up. In this case, a tutor can teach him or her how much time to allocate on what question and also how to prioritize answering problems.

There are many other indirect benefits of hiring a private tutor, from the broad subject offered to suit every kind of need your children have, to the wide price range available so you can choose which one is affordable. Hiring a tutor is not a big deal, it’s not a big cost as well, compared to some other expense post such as cable TV or vacation.

Your kids are precious and they deserve to get what they need.

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