Why More People Are Choosing To Adopt Cats Than Dogs

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When we think of the classic domestic pet, almost everyone immediately thinks of a dog. Dogs have become so ingrained into the cultural psyche that they seem like extensions of ourselves. Slightly hairier companions who express the same range of emotions and desires as we do.

However, for many people, there is a far superior choice of pet. It’s a mysterious creature, often aloof, quick to anger, and endlessly fussy. Yes, it’s the cat. For some, there is just no substitute. While others may balk at the idea of having a pet that is so peculiar in its habits and, in some people’s eyes, shockingly arrogant, others devote themselves to their feline friends and can form emotional bonds as deep as those with any dog. Recent studies have revealed that more people are adopting cats than dogs. Let’s find out why.

Cats Are Cheaper

Perhaps one of the biggest factors in the increase in people choosing to adopt cats rather than dogs comes down to price. The initial cost is important, puppies can be unbelievably expensive, especially for pedigree breeds. Cats, on the other hand, are far more affordable, and you can often find people giving away kittens for free.

Research has also suggested that cats are more affordable than dogs long-term as well, with lower costs for things like food, treats, toys, and vet bills. What’s more, insurance for cats is typically cheaper than for dogs, as a result of lower vet bills and a reduced need for things like third party liability insurance.

Cats Can Stay Indoors

One major benefit of owning a cat is that they can be perfectly suited to living indoors. Dogs require regular walks and exercise and can soon become unhappy and destructive if kept indoors for long periods of time.

Cats, on the other hand, are perfectly happy to live indoors. Provided they have enough toys, stimulation, and places to explore, a cat can live a long, happy life without ever going outside. For people who live in densely populated cities and have homes without gardens, this makes the cat an ideal companion. If you live at the top of a block of flats, letting the cat outside would be an impractical nuisance, while busy roads and city traffic can prove lethal for our feline friends.

Cats Are More Independent

Many dog owners view their pooches as a member of the family, much like a child. While this allows an incredibly strong emotional bond to form, it also comes with the responsibility of caring for a dependent and high-maintenance animal.

Cats are far more independent, with cat owners considering them almost like furry roommates rather than a pet or family members. Cats are quite happy in their own company and might seem unbothered about receiving any attention. This makes them perfect for today’s busy modern world, people can go to work during the day without having to worry about leaving the cat home by itself. While dogs can suffer emotionally from being left alone every day, cats can take it in their stride and will spend the day napping on various pieces of furniture.


If you want to get a pet and are finding it hard to choose, you’re not alone. The cats versus dogs debate has gone on forever, with many people steadfast in their defense of one side or the other. The best way to decide is to draw up a list of the pros and cons of each choice and see what works best with your own personal situation. If you are single, live in a flat, and work all day, a cat could be for you. If you have a large family with a house and garden, a dog could be your ideal pet.

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