Why Go for both Wholesale and Retail for Your Plus Size Fashion Branding?

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To style, we constantly seek out our favourite brands, shops, or companies to get an out and out attire.

There might be one Ralph Lauren’s denim of yours or Zara’s printed crop top that you will always look for to sport, and you either reach to the retailing store or buy online from those brands to get another piece. This is the out-turn of branding. Branding is all about giving the maximum effort to build an impression on your customers.

In today’s fashion industry, we see the intense popularity and need for plus size fashions. That’s why anyone who runs a plus size clothing company will benefit from potential profits over time.

However, it’s essential to know that along with the boom, the competition is also becoming solid. If you own a plus-size clothing fashion brand, you might get muddled to process your branding against your competitors. You might be thinking of the best way to take your product to the targeted market. Now a big question mark is here. Which way to choose, should you be a wholesaler or a retailer for your plus-size fashion branding?

Benefits to selling bulk pieces of plus-size wholesale items

Wholesalers are middlemen between manufacturers and retailers. Maintaining B2B (business to business) transaction, they sell goods to other company. Simply, it plays a vital role in the distribution channel and relation with suppliers and customers. If you turn into a clothing wholesaler, you will be benefited as:

• A pocket-friendly process: Wholesalers typically give retailers a maximum discount off the regular retail pricing despite having a profit margin. Another strategy of successful wholesalers is to maximise the discount percentage based on the purchase number of quantities. Even many wholesalers fix the minimum number that a retailer must have to purchase. You don’t even have to think about the marketing cost or shipping costs; all you need to do is sell large quantities of garments altogether.

• Quantity and quality: Wholesalers pick up large amounts of product and sell in large quantities. In stores, you might end up selling 4/5 pieces per day; here, you sell directly to your retailers an enormous number of your items. On the other hand, since the wholesalers buy straight from the manufacturers, the transfers are minimised, and they can assure of holding quality clothes.

• Welcome diversity: When you offer your items wholesale, it allows you to reach a diverse audience. You don’t have the barrier of specific stores to sell your items since your customers can get your wares in a variety of outlets through your retailers. Being a wholesaler, you can expand your brand to a global or international market.

Indeed, there are many benefits of becoming a wholesaler of plus size fashion clothing. Hence, if you’ve decided to become one, it’s essential to know how you can get started. Generally, being a wholesaler of fashion clothing starts by determining the type of wholesaling setup you’ll carry out. For instance, you can choose whether to sell to the retailers or to direct customers.

Once you figure out the type of wholesaling you want to do, the next steps include figuring out your specific market, partnering with reliable manufacturers or suppliers, preparing the necessary paperwork, and developing a wholesale marketing plan. When all these things are accomplished, you’ll be a few steps closer toward reaping the benefits of becoming a plus size fashion clothing wholesaler. 

Benefits to choosing online or offline fashion retailing

Retailers sell products or items to the ultimate users, so retailing is the process of B2C (business to the community) to sell the merchandises. Retailer store can be departmental store, online store or discount store. Let’s discover some advantages of fashion retailing.

• Interaction with the final customer: As you sell products directly to the end customers, you have the liberty to select and target your consumer group. It is much easier to build personal relationships when you have face-to-face meetings with your customers without an intermediary. Even if you go online, you can track your customers’ reviews, buying habits, and preferences. With the retail sale report, you can pick your best customers.

• Customer-friendly: Many customers enjoy in-person shopping at retail outlets by trying and testing the outfits. Whether many are sceptical of offline shopping and prefer online as online stores are always open. Retailing can be online and offline, which lets the user shop in-store or online.

• Sizable profit and transparent system: Retailers make much more profit than the amount they payout. As they buy a massive number of wares from the wholesalers, they grab the discount. Meanwhile, they sell those same wares at a higher price and gain more profit. As a retailer, you can track when, where, and how the products are sold, then inform the customers where and how the products are made, the privacy policy and terms and condition system, etc. Being transparent can help to gain customer’s trust.

With the benefits mentioned above, there’s no doubt becoming an online or offline plus size fashion clothing retailer can be lucrative. However, as a retailer, it’s crucial to find the right suppliers or wholesalers who can exclusively supply products to your retail business. 

Thankfully, there are many wholesalers available within your area. For example, if you’re doing a retail clothing shop in Australia, you can partner with many wholesalers. In fact, some of them sell a wide range of products, like clothing items, giftware, and other related products. 

To look for the right suppliers online, you can type ‘wholesalers Australia’ in the search bar to find many prospects. 

To sell both wholesale and retail together-is it good for your plus-size clothing company?

When in doubt, why not try the best of both worlds? You might be wondering, is it possible to sell products in a retail store along with selling wholesale to retailers? Look around; multiple businesses are managing to sell their items both wholesale and retail. Yes, you might choose to be a retailer with your one store shop at the very beginning, but as the business grows, don’t you think it is needed to expand your business area?

Having wholesaling and retailing option open can help in brand building. As when you choose both, in one way, you can sell your plus-size wears over multiple channels; also, you get the chance to connect with the public and other businesses. It is much easier to manage your wholesale and retail processing under one roof.

In Australia, various labels sell both wholesale and retail. These trendy plus size clothing stores compete with one another and put the race on while expanding their market and customers. Among multiple offline and online plus-size clothing stores in Australia, Kita Ku, one of the known plus-size brands, also sells its items wholesale. Kita Ku offers a wholesale discount to its retail members.

It is not necessary or mandatory to pick both; you can choose one or the other. You should pick whatever model you consider best for your business to thrive.

Bonus: You may read an article on ways to improve the style of plus size fashion from here.

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