Why Are More People Deciding To Move to Alaska?

Why Are More People Deciding To Move to Alaska?

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More people are moving to Alaska than ever, but why is that? It is the biggest state in the United States, but it’s thousands of miles away from the continental US and has one of the smallest populations. Read on to learn more about why more people are deciding to move to Alaska.


In today’s world, more and more people are working to become self-reliant and grow their own food. It’s an admirable goal, but it can be challenging in some places, such as Los Angeles or New York City. As a result, many people move elsewhere, such as Alaska. North America’s northwest region has vast rural lands where citizens can embrace the outdoors and grow their own food, relying as little as possible on the grocers. While Alaska is incredibly cold and covered in snow for a majority of the year, you can be less dependent on the grid than in other states.

State Laws

One interesting reason why people are moving to Alaska instead of other states is because of its unique laws. Right now, Alaska has no state income tax and no state sales tax. While different municipalities in the state may have some tax rates, the lack of state taxes is incredibly attractive to individuals from states with extreme taxes. It’s also easy to renew your handicap parking placard in Alaska, and it’ll stay valid for five years if you have a permanent one. There are also some interesting laws about protecting nature and restricting sound levels that make the state more attractive to anyone wishing to escape loud city life.

It’s a Fun Place To Live

You can come and live in the state if you’re interested in self-sufficiency and spending less on taxes, but it’s also just a fun place to be. Alaskan food is unique, offering a plethora of seafood. Other seafood states on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts are great, but Alaska is wholly unique with its king crab, salmon, and oysters. There’s also a vast world of nature for you to explore, all the way from the Tongass National Forest to the nearly 100,000 glaciers and ice caves. Living in Alaska will allow you to experience a unique region of the world you’ll never find elsewhere.

More people are deciding to move to Alaska partly because the state is so beautiful and welcoming to outsiders. After reading through this list, maybe Alaska moved up a few spots on your list of states you want to visit or even potentially move to.

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