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Who We Truly Are by Victoria Sue
by Cat Clontz     July 14, 2017    
(Updated: July 14, 2017)

Talon and Finn Ride Again

Note: You need to have read book one, Five Minutes Longer, in order to fully understand the dynamics of book two.  I do not recommend that you read this as a standalone. 
Who We Truly Are picks up a few weeks after the end of Five Minutes Longer, and it doesn’t take long for our intrepid heroes to be back in the thick of things.  The enhanced team worry for their regular human teammate, Finn, while Finn is determined to demonstrate his capability and earn his place as their equal.  
Going undercover at a group home for enhanced children seems fairly simple, except that Finn isn’t enhanced, and has no idea what it means to be discarded by his parents for being different.
Once again, the backgrounds are described in rich detail, painting a crystal clear picture in the reader’s mind.  While Talon and Finn are the primary characters, there is much more time dedicated to Finn’s burgeoning relationship with other members of his unit.  It is lovely to see how they relate to him and how each person adapts to Finn’s curious nature.
The dialogue is excellent.  The reader can feel the passion, embrace the anger and frustration, as well as sigh with relief at positive resolutions.  Each conversation is carefully crafted to evoke reader emotions, and it works beautifully.
The plot seems obvious, but with subplots appearing regularly, it becomes a roller coaster ride of dynamic proportions, leaving the reader wondering just where it is going to go next.  
Then add to it Talon’s mimicry of his teammates’ abilities that appear to be cementing themselves permanently in his repertoire, and now there is a whole new plot in play!
By the end of the book, I was cheering for Talon and Finn, and while it appears there is still some work to be done with T & F, they are certainly more set toward their finale than still finding their way, allowing for more of the other characters to take the lead. This is a 4.5 star read, and I highly recommend that you pick it up. I am super excited to see what Ms. Sue comes up with next!

I voluntarily read an ARC copy of this book for Divine Magazine from Dreamspinner Press with hopes for but no obligation to provide a review.

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