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Whispering Pines Ranch by SJD Peterson Release Day Review

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Whispering Pines Ranch by SJD Peterson Release Day Review

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Book Series
Whispering Pines
About the Author
It's been an amazing journey since DSP first contracted Lorcan's Desire in January 2011. I've published 2 free reads with the M/M Romance group, my back list is growing, met some great people and have made some amazing friends.
 I'm still in shock that I'm listed among the many talented authors at Dreamspinner Press! The little voice in the back of my head is screaming, "You are so out of your league." 

 Shhhhh I won't tell them if you don't :)

 You can call me Jo, everyone does :)
Publication Date
December 23, 2016
Available Formats
mobi, epub
Read the excerpt at Dreamspinner Press.
Lorcan James ran long and far in search of adventure, in Lorcan’s Desire, but instead he’s discovered a new side of himself with rancher Quinn Taylor. But if Quinn isn’t willing to give Lorcan what he needs most—love—Lorcan will find someone else who will. In Quinn’s Need, Lorcan is back at Whispering Pines with his new lover in tow and Quinn has a man who is willing to beg for anything, but Quinn may just be ready to give Lorcan what he’s always desired.
 In Ty’s Obsession, Ty Callahan believes that Quinn is the perfect man, if only there weren’t the obstacle of Lorcan James. When Blake Henderson strolls into Ty’s life, can he convince him to look past his obsession?
 Thirty-seven years ago, John Price and Connor Burnett fell in love. In Connor’s Courage, a cancer diagnosis threatens to tear apart what they’ve fought so hard for.
 Lorcan broke Jess Jenkins’s heart and an car accident broke his body and spirit. In Jess’s Journey, his friends are eager to bring him back to the sweet man he once was, despite his bitterness.
 Finally, in Riveted, Blake and Ty are living together in New York and have decided it’s time to take the next step.

Editor review

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A Delicious Dip into Ranching
The first book, Lorcan’s Desire, introduces the main cast of players for the series.  Quinn is a rancher so deeply in the closet that he has no path to finding his way out of it.  Then Lorcan arrives, and suddenly things look brighter.  Unfortunately, despite the near-animalistic draw toward the beautiful younger man, Quinn just isn’t ready to step out.  I was intrigued by this story, but it was definitely not my favorite of the bundle.  Quinn is the least dommy supposed Dom I’ve seen in action, and his inability to communicate creates block after block to their happiness.  The peripheral characters are a joy, but all in all I just wasn’t impressed with this one.  Fortunately, things pick up as the series moves along.  My individual rating for this book is 2.5 stars.
The second book, Quinn’s Need, picks up a year after the less-than-shocking ending to book one.  Quinn is struggling to come to grips with the loss of Lorcan, and he turns to submissive Ty to slake his needs.  Quinn knows he’s disliked by the Doms of his club, but he has a hard time seeing how his actions are abusive.  Ty walks him through the differences, shows him what he’s not been grasping, and helps Quinn to grow as a Dom and as a person.  Lorcan and Jess, his best friend-become-lover, have been happily living with Lorcan’s family, but Jess needs to return to Oklahoma, and Lorcan goes on ahead of him.  Being back in proximity to Quinn wreaks havoc on him, and things go sideways, upside down, and cattywampus.  Both Quinn and Lorcan make great strides in maturing during this book, and I liked the writing better.  There was less miscommunication, smoother character interactions, yet it still retained the dynamic vibe created in book one.  My individual rating for this book is 3.5 stars.
The third book, Ty’s Obsession, is an astounding departure from the first two.  Essentially dismissed by Quinn upon the Dom’s return to his relationship with Lorcan, Ty is adrift, in love with a man who no longer wants him, and in his grief, he begins setting the stage for something abominable.  When the owner of the next ranch, Blake, returns to Oklahoma and sees Ty spying on an intimate moment, he recognizes the man for the submissive he is, and offers him what he needs to heal.  Blake was superbly written from start to finish!  I was staggered by the depths of this character and his willingness to relive something so horrific in hopes that it relieves Ty of some of his own pain.  There is passion in every single page of this book, and you feel each and every emotion of the characters.  My individual rating for this book is 4.5 stars.
The fourth book is Conner’s Courage, the story of the two men who make up the parents Quinn needs after the deaths of his own.  John receives devastating news in the third book, and this book takes readers back to the beginning of their relationship, thirty seven years ago.  I had a deep admiration for these two characters through the first three books, and to see how the developed touched something deep inside me.  A story of unlikely love in a time of grave danger to anyone with the courage to be out and proud, my already strong admiration for Conner grew by leaps and bounds.  Touching, passionate, fully developed characters make for an amazing story.  The slow buildup into their relationship kept me on tenterhooks, and when they finally got together it was stunningly beautiful.  I sobbed at the end of this book, both pleased with and furious with the author.  This book will evoke significant levels of emotion.  My individual rating for this book is 5 stars.
The fifth book, Jess’s Journey, was my “finally!” moment.  Having been in the lurch since his and Lorcan’s breakup, I needed this man to get his HEA.  Needed, I tell you!  Jess is finally coming home to his and Lorcan’s ranch with his private therapist, Jack, and Collin, a friend who has been in love with Jess since he was a child.  Never one to take the easy path, the author took the book in a direction directly opposite the one I thought she would, and I was rather viciously angry about it.  Then I realized that these evoking such strong emotions in me just demonstrates what an amazing author she is.  Jess is lost, broken, and sure that he is damaged goods.  Having Jack and Collin by his side allows him to safely take a journey, finding himself and his worth along the way.  I would liked to have seen some manner of resolution of his and Lorcan’s relationship, and that didn’t happen.  It was, for me, a sad moment that could have been handled easily enough without detracting from the story of Jess and his HEA.  My individual rating for this book is 3 stars.
The final book, Riveted, revisits Ty and Blake following their move to New York City.  A short, it nevertheless shows the healing both men have done since their respective grief stories.  I thoroughly enjoyed this transitional book, bringing to a close the Whispering Pines series and segueing into the Guards of Folsom series while delivering the HEA that these two men so richly deserved.  My individual rating for this book is 4.5 stars.
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