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Where Should Your Money Go Next

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Money is one of the best things in the world, if you have enough of it. If you’re fortunate to have enough of it, there’s ways in which you can build on it to make even more. Yet so many people don’t bother, they just get through life with what they have. If you’re happy doing this, then fine, but if you’re interested, there’s so many more ways in which you can double, or even triple your money. Some are easier than others. Some you are going to need to do a little research into and make sure you’re making smart decisions. But this article is here to outline some of the best places you can put your money into.


We’ve all seen the wolf of wall street haven’t we. If you didn’t watch that film and think, ‘I want to make a hell of a lot of money’, then there’s definitely something wrong with you. Although what he did is illegal, the film did highlight what you can do if you play your cards right in the stock market. There’s some really good areas of the stock market that are booming at the minute. Take Netflix for example. A highly successful company that only grows in popularity year on year. A share in the nflx stock could see you earning a decent return if you know when to put your money into it. But be warned, as nice as the stock market can be for you, it can also be an absolute nightmare. Be careful about how much you put in to begin with, and make sure you always know what you’re doing. There’s plenty of guides online, or people to talk to if you’re looking to invest in stocks.


A much easier area to invest in than stocks, but it does have more manual labour involved. There’s more house hunting to do, more paperwork to sign, and more renovations to do. But a lot of people prefer investing in property as they know what they’re doing. Plus, it really isn’t as stressful as when you would have bought your own property. There’s no moving involved, all you have to do is know what property to pick, when is the right time to buy, and when is the right time to sell to make sure you get the maximum amount of returns. Watch the market closely, and again, get the help of some experts if you’re looking to go into this area.

Volunteer Work

You don’t necessarily need to invest your money in the hunt of making a return. You can get just as much of a return in the way of happiness when you donate to charity. There’s so many people out there who are less fortunate than you. Who are literally crying out for donations. Your money could make the difference the world is needing. So rather than focusing on what you might get back money wise, think about what other people will get from you, and the feelings you’ll feel knowing that you’ve helped to change a life.

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