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Where Doubt Remains by Sharon Johnson

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Where Doubt Remains by Sharon Johnson

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Book Series
Doubt (Book 2)
About the Author
Sharon Johnson is the pen name for this natural born story teller. The youngest of five, I learned the art of creating tales early that had my parents often wondering if my adventures were real. Born and raised in New York City, I spent most of my after school hours curled up with a book. A former United States Marine I've been told I have a quick wit and a vocabulary that make most sailors blush. Since my retirement from federal service I spend my days as an ordinary housewife. If by ordinary you mean a heavily tattooed, pierced, fiery red-head. I now reside in the beautiful Pocono Mountains with my husband, four children, two dogs, and two cats. I set out every day to prove that you can never have too much on your plate if you love what you do. Mostly I'm a believer in love, no matter what form or package you find it in. I specialize in M/M Romance with Alpha males who are complex and flawed but are willing to fight for their HEA. But I never shy away from any kind of pairing. Word of mouth is vital for any author. If you enjoyed my books please leave a review where you purchased it, on Goodreads, in my review section, and please post it on your social media site. I spend most of my nights writing or lurking on social media but I would love to hear from you. Don't forget to join my newsletter for sneak peeks and more.
Publication Date
May 12, 2016
This is not a standalone novel.  It is the next segment of the storyline, immediately following the book Beyond a Reasonable Doubt.
The story continues for Alpha DeMatteo Santiago and his mate. After the nightmare of having his pregnant mate kidnapped and tortured, DeMatteo begins the seemingly impossible process of piecing together the truth. Forces against them take this time to regroup and launch an all out attack. Lies and half truths fall apart as the past is investigated, but it's a race against time and failure could prove to be fatal.
This release is an M/M paranormal shifter romance. This series will contain scenes of graphic violence, graphic sex, graphic language, Mpreg, and graphic birth. What it will not be is an instant mate fairytale, as forces set out to destroy everything and everyone around him.

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Picking Up the Pieces
This was far and away my favorite of the trio in this set!  It picks up precisely where Beyond a Reasonable Doubt left off, so if you haven’t read that one, don’t bother with this yet.  This review is going to assume that you have read the first book in order to facilitate the best review and rating.  Stop reading right here - you’ve been warned!
Now that all of the players are on the field and identified, the only real mystery was the identification of Sara’s superior, and that was fairly easy to triangulate, but I’m not identifying that person here.  I enjoyed the dynamics between each of the characters and how they flowed together.  The interactions between DeMatteo and Mary, Sean’s best friend were wonderful.  They antagonized each other, she wasn’t about to be put into any pigeonhole, and it was incredibly amusing!
The plot to this was easier to follow after having gotten used to the flipping between characters and viewpoints in the first book.  It still makes the plot choppy as all getout, though.  This is a significantly higher action book, and it flies by very quickly.  The birth of Sean and DeMatteo’s triplets is highly graphic.  It is wonderfully written, but could cause some squeamishness.  The whole nesting experience and presence of Sean’s lioness is beautiful, and I really enjoyed the intense bond that was so clearly portrayed.
I wonder if there will ever be peace for this family.  They have had one trial by fire after another, and I was gobsmacked at the playout of events for Sara at the end!!!  The main characters have a HFN mid-book that should play out in continuation, but again, this book stops right in the middle of, which is very frustrating.  That said, it’s still a solid four star book, and I look forward to the next segment – hoping that it is the finale and these two get their official HEA!
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