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What’s your fetish?

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Everyone’s tastes are different and a turn on for one person can be a turn off for another.

The latest episode of Steam Room Stories finds Evan Bonifant and Jordan Jones debating their fetishes when they fail to agree on what they find sexy about men. While they’re busy arguing, the guys don’t realise that someone is listening in to their conversation and that they aren’t the only ones who have fetishes.

The brand new episode also stars Steam Room Stories hunks Robert Hardin, Ray Tezanos and Raif Derrazi.

Watch the new episode

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Editor’s notes:

Steam Room Stories began on YouTube in 2010. Each webisode features a two-minute comedy sketch starring hot men in a steam room. Today, Steam Room Stories is a profit generating YouTube channel with over 35.7 million views and over 80,600 subscribers.

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