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What We Learned From This Years Golden Globes

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The beginning of January can only mean one thing: it’s award season. And, the season got underway with a bang at Sunday’s Golden Globes. The double Gs are without a doubt the most prestigious award ceremony barring the Academy Awards. As a result, they have a lot to tell the general public as a result. Normally, the analysis is entertainment-based with predictions and future forecasts. But, 2018 was different. This year’s Globes focused on equality and social injustice with activists joining hands with celebrities on the red carpet.

Here is just a selection of what we learned on Sunday night.


Of course, the hashtag has loomed large over Hollywood since the Weinstein revelations. However, there had yet to be an event of any magnitude where film and TV stars alike could come together. And boy did they. Men and women both wore black in solidarity with the movement, while Ms. Streep and others invited women’s group activists as esteemed guests. Seth Meyer’s monologue was a prime example of how both genders are working hard to rid the industry of injustice. But, no one would expect any less of one of the most political comedians in television.

Time’s Up Will Take Time

Regardless of the unity of actors and actresses, the culture won’t transform overnight. If anything pointed this out, it was Oprah Winfrey’s speech as she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award. The fact that she had to hammer home the point, saying “for too long women have not been heard… but their time is up.” However, the categories themselves didn’t do much to inspire confidence. The ratio of male directors to female movie-makers was ridiculous. And, there was no nomination for Tiffany Haddish, one of the breakthrough comediennes of the year.

Hollywood Powers Through

Sex scandals may now be the norm, but it hasn’t hit the Hollywood coffers very hard. Anyone expecting debt settlement talks to begin anytime soon should hold off as the budget seems as big as ever. The Hilton again played host to the GGs, while men and women wore lavishly expensive gowns and suits. Garishly, production companies are reported to make more money than ever from films and television this year. No one begrudges the cast and crew making money, yet it’s hard to stomach the people in power taking advantage of harassment. To quote the president, sad!

Three Billboards To Beat

On a lighter note, it’s a cliché that the Globes are a nod to the Oscars, now just a couple of weeks down the road. So, if the sweeping generalization is anything to go by, Three Billboards is going to be an incredibly difficult movie to beat. However, keep La La Land in mind from last year. Individually, the actors did very well and swept up, but Moonlight took the major award, all be it controversially. Academy Awards are hard to predict, which is why you won’t find any in this post!

What did you think about the GGs? Are you looking forward to the rest of the awards season? Get in touch and voice your views.

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