What To Wear During Your Winter Beach Vacay

If you’re spending the winter holidays at the beach and don’t know what to pack, here are a few things that should be in your luggage to keep you cozy.

Written by Felicia Priedel

Some people don’t have the fantasy of a winter wonderland this holiday season. Instead, they will be lounging on the beach, drinking a margarita, and basking in the sun—doesn’t that sound grand? If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s embarking on a tropical journey this winter break, here’s what to wear during your winter beach vacay to block the sun while staying cool.

Light Layers Are Key

If you’re a fashionista, you would know that different seasons call for different beach attire. Winter beach vacations call for off-white, beige, or ivory sets that can act like layers or cover-ups for your bathing suit. Contrary to popular belief, cities with beaches get chilly this time of year, meaning you’ll need thicker materials and light layers. Don’t be afraid to bring thin long-sleeve shirts or linen pants to the beach this winter.

Bring Closed-Toe Shoes

Going to the beach during the winter may mean you’re walking in much steeper and narrower environments. This is because the waves during the colder months are shorter and higher. Thus, you should bring a pair of sneakers to help you keep balance while walking on the beach. If you don’t want to wear sneakers, a pair of active sandals will suffice.

Bring Light Jackets

When in doubt about what to wear to your winter beach vacation, bring a light jacket. It gets chilly out by the sea at night. The breeze and mist from the ocean make it feel colder than the temperature on your weather app. Even if the jacket doesn’t match your look, you will be glad you brought it.

Don’t Forget Your Accessories

Don’t be afraid to add accessories to your beach outfits. From sunglasses that can upgrade your look to jewelry that can make you look luxurious, it’s all about feeling and looking good while basking in the sunlight. This holiday season is about living your best life and wearing what you want. Bring plenty of hats, cute reusable cups, beach towels, and totes to complete your look!

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