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What To Know About The New Terminator Project

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If you keep up with entertainment news, you’ve probably heard that there’s a new Terminator movie in the works. The project was announced some time ago, and naturally it sparked a great deal of speculation and news sharing across the internet. Here’s a little bit about where the project stands as we head toward the end of another busy summer of sequels, reboots, and blockbuster hits.

First, Arnold Schwarzenegger will reportedly be back for this new installment, and that alone gives it a major boost. Schwarzenegger has been as definitive as to say “I will be in the movie,” which goes beyond the usual “so-and-so has interest in returning to the project” that we so often hear in reports coming out of Hollywood. It’s anybody’s guess how the actor will be worked back into the story, or even when said story would take place within the scope of the series. But knowing that Schwarzenegger will be back in charge adds an air of legitimacy to the series’ continuation – not unlike when Sylvester Stallone signed on for Creed.

Next, it’s worth acknowledging that the Terminator franchise is still extremely popular. That goes unsaid with devotees, but more casual film fans might think of it as something from the past. That’s just not really the case, however. A slot arcade based in The Terminator is currently listed as one of several well-known game brands used to attract players to online slot platforms, which indicates it’s still a big draw. Terminator: Genisys came out just two years ago (and also starred Schwarzenegger, lest we forget). And just recently, Terminator 2: Judgment Day was re-released in theaters in 3D. So, from gaming to new releases to rehashing old ones, there’s a lot of Terminator activity going on, and fans still have a huge appetite for it.

Those first two facts – Schwarzenegger’s return and general public interest – set up the new movie for success. But it’s the last point that could really put it over the hump. It’s beginning to sound as if legendary director James Cameron is going to be back in charge this time around. Early reports about the new film mentioned Cameron’s potential involvement, but he has since been quoted as saying “it’s looking very likely,” which ought to have fans just about falling off their chairs in excitement. Known for some of the biggest and best films of the past 30 years or so, Cameron picks and chooses his projects carefully. Should he decide to direct the next Terminator film, it’s going to become a much bigger film, and probably a much better one.

This just became a film to keep a close eye on in the coming year or two as it continues to develop.


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