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What Qualifies a Horse to Compete in Races? Find Out How Racehorses Are Picked!


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When it comes to the qualification of racehorses for different tournaments, you will find that the criteria are different. Several factors determine the way that racehorses are chosen for the tournament. The racing experience of the horse and its past track records are crucial for determining whether it gets selected for the race or not. The handicap rating, age, and sex of the horse also play a vital part in whether it gets selected for the specific race or not.

There are different requirements for entry into flat and jump races and most of the time they are not the same. Some rules can be really strict for racehorses that are participating in the race.

Are there any gender restrictions for horses?

When it comes to horse races, you will also find gender restrictions for them as well. Most races for horses that are above four years of age are open to both females and males. However, some races are either open to males or females only. When it comes to races that are looking for males, colts are preferred over females for their agility and strength. You will find few female horses taking part in major races when you compare them to their male counterparts that participate in these tournaments.

When it comes to how horses qualify for their races, you will find that some tournaments have age restrictions as well. Two- year old horses are mostly contenders for the juvenile races as two is the lowest age for horses to participate in race tournaments. There are again some races where the minimum age of the horse needs to be at least four years.

When it comes to the restrictions on the racing experience of the horse, you will find that maiden and novice races are the ones that are open to racehorses that have no experience at all. A maiden race is a race that is open for a horse that has never won any competition or tournament. These races exist because such horses should be given a fair chance when it comes to participating in horse races and competitions. They might have had previous wins in the past however when it comes to the present season they have not been very successful when it comes to winning races. When it comes to entry into handicap races, you will find that no horse is permitted to enter into such a race till it has run in at least three races. The performance of the horse will determine the future of the horse when it comes to handicap ratings.

Last but not the least, once the horse gets sufficient experience for obtaining a handicap rating, it is permitted to enter such races. However, when it comes to its level of participation, the rating of the horse plays a crucial role. There are also some Lower Class races where these horses are allowed to participate if they have very low Handicap ratings.

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