What Is Branded Merchandise? All You Need to Know

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Merchandise is a term used to describe an item that is created and displayed with an intension of selling it. Branded merchandise is a marketing-specific version and incorporates the business identify by printing logos, company slogan and messages on different merchandise items.

Usually, the best merchandise is chosen with the best quality materials and items for the category of choice to display authentic company logos and slogans. Most of the time, branded merchandise are daily items that are more sellable. Examples include drinkware, clothing, accessories, and home items. The brand’s identity is added through personalisation and custom designs, such as embroidered patches.

Below are a few tips for merchandising that will give your brand an edge.

Attract People to Your Business

Out of the many big and small marketing tactics available, branded merchandise is a popular option to keep the audience’s attention and drive them towards your brand. Given you can easily label merchandise, it’s an easy way to lure customers into a business. When a customer buys a piece of branded merchandise, it’s only natural for them to feel curious and learn more about your business.


Another key function of branded merchandise is that it promotes a company’s services and products. Sometimes branded merchandise can be given away for free in exchange for small sums of money to raise brand awareness and promote services. Pens are great example of a branded merchandise that’s often given away as a freebie.

Tips & Ideas for Choosing Brand Merchandise

When launching new branded merchandise, you need to be creative and unique. Many business owners seek ideas and help from others to choose the best option for branded merchandise. Here are some of the most reliable and common product ideas used to launch a great brand merchandise range.


Hoodies are a great option for branded merchandise as they appeal to young and older ages, keeping them warm, cosy, and comfy. There are all kinds of hoodie designs, from casual plain hoodies, more sporty designs, to themed hoodies.


T-shirts can be both fashion and smart apparel which is why they are another great option for branded merchandise. Branded t-shirts can feature your company’s logos, a message, or a slogan to promote your business among customers and attract new buyers. among potential buyers.

Shirts And Sweatshirts

Whether long or short sleeve, shirts and sweatshirts are popular among many people. It’s another great option for branded merchandise. It’s important to consider the season in which you launch your product. These will be more popular in winter months, so think about launching this just before Winter.

Tote Bags

Printed tote bags are becoming more popular with increased attention on climate change since they provide people with a reusable bag option. Therefore, these may be a good option for your business going forward.

Home & Living Products

Home and living products are another great product category choice for branded merchandise. Examples include tea towels, mugs, aprons, mats, cushions, pillowcases, and more. There is such a huge variety of products in this category – the possibilities are endless.

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