What Environmental Pollutants Do Factories Produce?

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Factories and industrial businesses are some of the biggest contributors to environmental damage and pollutants. Factories create more pollutants than any individual can produce in their lifetime, all of which alter and shape our surroundings. That’s why it’s important for people to understand what environmental pollutants factories produce so they can fix them.

Air Pollution

Most factories produce some form of air pollutants that travel through the air and affect various natural processes. Greenhouse gases are the most common, as factories burn fuel for energy during operation and pump out the waste into the atmosphere. This leads directly to the increase in global climate change, which affects everyone across the world.

Water Pollution

Possibly a bigger problem than air pollution, water pollution is a huge problem that’s worsened by many factories around the world. Although some countries regulate waste disposal, there are still plenty of factories that dump waste wherever they want, whether it’s legal or not. Some studies and reports note that 70 percent of waste from factories goes into clean water, destroying the drinking water of communities around the world and damaging the environment that depends on that water.

Land Pollution

Outside of air and water pollution, land pollution is another big concern regarding the pollutants that come from factories. When the waste from a factory goes into landfills and other dumping spots, the hazardous materials poison the ground and the nearby environment—and this is only a partial look at how improper waste disposal affects the environment. Without proper management of the environmental pollutants factories produce, the environment and people around the world suffer.

This is why factories should be responsible for the waste they produce, as shortsighted methods that focus only on profits destroy living spaces and environments. Ignoring proper waste disposal methods only hurts the planet and everyone on it. By enforcing laws and regulations on the waste that factories create, real change and progress can happen in the fight against global climate change.

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