What Christmas means to me by Sean Kerr

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from Cardiff, Wales! Thank you so much to Divine Magazine for having me here today! It is very cold in Cardiff at the moment, the coldest it has been so far this year, and very fitting for this festive season.

Christmas. It means so many different things to so many people. For me and my husband, it is a time for great celebration.

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We begin by decorating the front of the house with lights!! The entire neighbourhood look forward to the big light switch on, and it is something we have done for many years now. Yet, every year, the display seems to get bigger and bigger, and we never seem to be able to resist adding to it! But it is great fun, and something we enjoy doing very much.

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We then decorate the inside of the house, and it all has to be ready for the 1st December! While the outside is a bit crazy, the inside is more…tasteful lol! We have three trees. One in the lounge and the kitchen, both of which are artificial. We then have a real tree in the conservatory. It takes a lot of balls lol!! There is also various garlands and flower arrangements, all of which match each other. As you can imagine, out attic bulges with Christmas decorations! 

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The next big event we plan for is our annual Carol singing party! This is for all our friends, and a week or so before Christmas, we have a house full for this event! We print song books, and I cook a huge feast which we lay out in our dining room. There is mulled wine, vodka, red wine, as well as all the drinks the guests bring! It is a very long day for us, and there is a lot of preparation that takes place before hand, but it is worth every bit!

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On the 23rd December, my family descend on us. This is the most important day for us, and it is something we have done for over twenty years. It almost acts as a second Christmas day. They arrive early in the morning, and I serve up home made mince pies and Christmas cake. Then, in the evening, we all sit down to a large three course meal. The menu varies from year to year, but I always try to do something different! This year, we are having twice baked souffle for starter, followed by Ravioli in a Chasseur sauce stuffed with pork and herbs, and for dessert, vanilla pannacotta with raspberry coolie and ginger biscuits. I make everything from scratch, and while it is a lot of work, I gladly do it for my family. We sit at the table for hours eating and laughing, and then afterwards we open presents. They usually leave in the early hours of the morning.

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Christmas Eve is for me and my husband! We always have a cooked breakfast. Bacon, eggs, toast, black pudding, mushrooms, the works! For lunch, we will finish off the mince pies lol. Our supper is a big fat steak with a fresh cream and brandy sauce! Meanwhile, throughout the day, my husband keeps the drinks flowing! We go through a bottle of Baileys, toffee vodka, slo gin, Raspberry vodka and various cocktails. Needless to say by the afternoon, I can barely see! I prepare the Turkey and the Gammon on Christmas Eve, as well as make the stuffing’s and prepare the vegetables. In the background, we have various Christmas albums playing while we deal with all the food prep.

By the afternoon, apart from being very drunk, we watch films! We curl up in our Christmas jumpers and watch Christmas films. The Muppet Christmas Carol and The Polar Express. Then we stagger to bed.

My husband always gets me up at the crack of dawn on Christmas day! Sometimes its 6.30am, sometimes we make it until 7.30am. We then open out stockings in bed while we drink our first cup of coffee. The stockings usually take an hour to open, then we run downstairs like the pair of kids we are and open our presents to each other which are under the tree. We usually have our fist glass of Baileys at this point and put on more Christmas Carols in the background.

Once presents are done, we have breakfast. Cheesy muffins! Delicious!

By mid day, I am up to my shoulders in roast potatoes, roast parsnips and sprouts! We have a traditional British Christmas dinner. Roast Turkey with all the trimmings…the more trimmings the better! While I am cooking, we play any new albums we have had bought for us. Last year it was Little Mix helping me make the turkey gravy!

Once dinner is over, we settle down to watch films, but usually fall asleep on the sofa…as is the great Christmas tradition. Then, before you know it, its super time full of cold turkey and cooked ham with various cheeses and pate! We literally have to haul ourselves to bed!

Come boxing day, I sleep. A Lot!

This is just what we do. Its our own traditions that we have followed for many years, and we love it.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all the very best Christmas. I hope you will all be safe, and loved, and that this wonderful time of year brings you much happiness.


Love and best wishes to you

Sean Kerr


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  1. I can vouch to the fact that Sean’s cooking is amazing! Also, there is nowhere more Christmassy than his and Derek’s beautiful home. Merry Christmas, Sean Kerr xxx

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