What Are the 2023 Beauty Trends To Watch?

Written by Felicia Priedel

When it comes to beauty trends, always look forward to the next best thing. Check out the 2023 beauty trends to watch and prepare for fun styles. Read on to discover your next favorite look!

Spiky Bun

In 2023, expect a lot of updos, including spiky buns. It’s no secret that 90s and 2000s nostalgia dominates the beauty scene right now, making the spiky bun a fabulous addition to the new year.

This trend is a high bun that purposely looks undone. You untuck hair pieces from the bun to create a spiky appearance. For detailed video tutorials, check out Tik Tok or YouTube.

Stick-On Gems

Besides being a hit show, Euphoria is a beauty trend gold mine! Rhinestone-rich makeup is the show’s go-to look for its characters, which people have adopted offscreen, as well.

Stick-on gems are body rhinestones that you can safely apply to your face, which you should use to outline eyeshadow or liner. For this trend, use small gems to prevent a bulky or overcrowded look.

Doe Eyes

Doe-eyed makeup is another 2023 beauty trend to watch. Think of doe eyes as a doll-like or Disney princess–inspired eye look. The goal is to create a rounded, wide-eyed appearance.

To achieve the look, use white liner on your waterline and black liner on the upper lash line. Then, apply your favorite mascara or lashes.

Your eyes will appear bigger and your lashes more voluminous. Celebrities like Yara Shahidi, Sydney Sweeney, and Kasey Musgraves rock this trend all the time!

Natural Lip Liner

Say goodbye to harsh borders around your lips. Next year, natural liner is the top choice for a pretty pout. This simple yet beautiful trend is great for everyday makeup. However, you can rock the look for any occasion.

Select a lip liner that resembles your natural lip color and blend it into your lips. Then, pair the look with a moisturizing lip balm.


Barbiecore is a beauty and nail trend prediction for 2023 that is definitely on the rise. After the release of Margot Robbie’s images from the upcoming movie Barbie, fans have prepared for a pink invasion.

Expect a lot of pink and glitter in makeup and hair looks. From hot-pink nails to bubblegum-colored highlights, it’s all about pink!

Now that you know the 2023 beauty trends to watch for, you can get a head start on the new year fashion. Experiment with one or several of these styles, and have fun being on trend!

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