What are Promise Rings?

What are Promise Rings?
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Between various rings such as purity rings, promise rings, engagement rings, commitment rings, and beyond, the confusion around promise rings and what they mean can be understood. So, what are promise rings? What is the sole reason for a promise ring? What hand does the promise ring go on? Are these rings just for women, or men can wear them too? How do you buy and give one? In this article, we answer some of these critical questions.

Promise rings explained

Promise rings are the type given by loved ones to signify their love and commitment towards those they love. They are given by people in a romantic relationship. Often, they precede an engagement. Promise rings are symbols of a partner’s commitment to the relationship and devotion towards one another.

How much should a promise ring cost?

The prices of promise rings vary, depending on where you choose to shop. There are no specific guidelines as to how much you should spend on getting a promise ring. Promise rings come in different ranges from yellow gold to rose gold ones, and all these come at affordable prices since most people who purchase them are younger and may not have the financial capacity to be spending a lot of money.

When are promise rings given?

Even though promise rings are not as significant as wedding rings, these rings should not get treated lightly. The ring is given after two love birds have dated for a considerable amount of time to show how committed they are to that relationship. The time could be after a year, or even less, depending on the depth of the relationship. The promise ring is worn only when both of you are ready to get seriously committed to each other.

Are they just for women, or can men wear promise rings as well?

When you think of promise rings, you might immediately think of a man giving them to a woman, although that is not always the case. Men’s promise rings are common, and women can get them for their men. Some couples give these rings to each other, while at times, one party may choose to offer the ring to pledge their dedication and commitment to the relationship. Anyone can wear or give a promise ring.

What finger or hand does the promise ring go on?

Which hand or finger you choose to wear the promise ring or promise rings if you both have entirely dependent on you. The rings are worn on any finger as long as you know the reason you are wearing them. The most common way to wear promise rings is on the ring finger on the left hand, just like your wedding ring if you are married.

What should a promise ring look like?

Promise rings come in different sizes, shapes, and even styles depending on your budget. There are no rules as to how the promise rings you choose to buy should look like as long as you are aware of the reasons you are giving or getting the promise ring.

What are Promise Rings?
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