Ways to Make Your Space Look Bigger

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When they walk into a home that has been professionally staged, the first thing many people notice is the space. Staged rooms simply feel larger and more balanced. Maybe you aren’t trying to stage your home to sell, but you can make your home look as though a professional redesigned it with these ways to make your space look bigger.


The amount and placement of furniture pieces in a room are some of the main things that can make a room feel spacious or claustrophobic. Having too much furniture in a space tends to make a space feel overcrowded and busy. Go through the room and decide if you need every end table and bureau present. Then, look at different ways of rearranging the furniture. For instance, consider whether you want your furniture against the wall or moved away from it. Depending on the furniture and the space, either choice can make the room bigger or smaller, so you’ll want to try both.

Bring Light into a Space

The presence of light in a room tends to make it feel more open, so finding ways to maximize light in the space will make the room feel larger. Capitalize on the natural light in a space by using light-colored window dressings, and use multiple lighting fixtures to bring light into the room from multiple sources. Light-colored paint will also reflect light in the space much more than darker colors, and using mirrors of any size or shape will reflect more light into the room and make it look bigger.

Make the Ceiling Feel Higher

Several visual tricks can make the room feel like the ceiling is higher, which will make your space look bigger. For example, painting the ceiling can visually stretch the space in a number of ways. Painting the ceiling a lighter shade than the rest of the room will make the room feel like it opens up at the top. On the other hand, picking a bolder or high-gloss paint will make the ceiling draw your eye, which can also make it seem higher. Decorative molding for crown and trim as well as tall, panel-shaped art also have a way of making the room feel taller.

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