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Warrior and Priest by Katie Howe

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Warrior and Priest by Katie Howe

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October 26, 2015
Filed on personal Goodreads shelves : 2015 reads, Divine Magazine 2015, Male/Male, Paranormal
On an earthlike planet ruled by the Elite, a rite called “the Gleaning” is used to select suitable spouses for those of merit.

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Stunning Five Star Debut!
(Updated: October 28, 2015)
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted my copy of this book.

Nico didn't want to be part of The Gleaning, but his class required him to. He just wants to cook. But being a Priest and Healer, he's not allowed to. He tries every trick in the book to be not seen. Unfortunately, that's exactly what Alex DOES see. Nico, hiding behind everyone and everything. Alex is a Warrior, back from a battle with their enemies, and made Duke of the Sixth Land. He gets first choice at the Gleaning, and he chooses Nico.

They can part ways after a year and a day. But problems in the Sixth Land will require Nico's skill and a Priest and Alex' skill as a Warrior. Along with that damned corn, love grows.

I gotta say this before I go any further!

I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK!!! Its a debut book, I didn't know that going it, it makes no different to me, but I need to say so, because this book is a STUNNING DEBUT!!! Abso-freaking-lutely stunning.

We get Nico, trying his best to hide and Alex finding him every time. We get Nico's reluctance to fully consummate their union, and Alex' patience while Nico gets there.

I loved the back story. The corn. The poverty now taking over the Sixth land. Who is behind it all?? I LOVED that this is not finished, left open ended. Why?? Because, my dears, that means there is another book! Another chance to either catch up with Nico and Alex, or meet some one new. Another chance to catch up with the 3 princes, or with Alex's right hand man. I really don't care who is the star for said sequel, I WILL read it. I need to read it. I do. I need more of this author in my life!!

I didn't find it as explicit as some male/male books, but that's not a BAD thing, not at all. It has steam and passion and sex, yes indeed, its just...less, if that makes any sense?? It does to me! There is danger, someone wants that corn planted and will make sure it does, but there is no violence, it doesn't need it.

Although this in an earth-like planet, and there are references to Old Earth, its full of modern quirks. Comm devices, flight, and things like that. But the best one?? The social network. The princes have staff who just man the networks! Loved that!

If you like male/male, read it. If you like quirky characters (because there are a few here!) read it. If you like Alpha males falling and falling HARD, read it.

AH HELL, just read the damn book!! You will not be disappointed.

5 full and shiny stars

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