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Visiting Goa? Keep these Tips Handy for a Memorable Trip

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A lot of people visit Goa every year. Some of them have some good stories to share while others share some not so good stories. To gather the best experience for your goa stories, go through the following tips. Covering everything, from top picks amongst the list of resorts near goa to getting around and exploring the party land. So, let’s just get started.

Getting there

If you are not from the southern part of India, then roads are not an option for you. Depending upon your budget and personal preference, any flight will get you here in a matter of 2 hours while a train might take somewhat around a full day or even more. Quick tip, try to do your bookings early to save some real cash.

Be wise and carry only essentials

Beachwear, hats, sunglasses, shorts, tank tops, some t-shirts and flip flops are the essential clothing and footwear which are enough to get around. If you still have some space left, pack a set of formal clothing and shoes if casinos and fancy restaurants are on your bucket list. And stick only to the necessary electrical stuff which includes some chargers and minimal camera gear.

Where to stay in the state?

 There is a long list of hotels and resorts which will fit your budget, while all of them will offer something different from the other. Some hotels will have a secret private beach while other hotels will have in-house casino. Alila Diwa, Park Hyatt and Vivanta by Taj are some of the top picks for 5-star resorts. For the budget travelers, lemon tree resort and Santana beach resort are great options to check out from the mid-range list of resorts near goa. If you plan to stay longer in the state, then going for a rented house instead will cost you a lot less.

Travel the town on Two-wheelers

First thing first, rent a two wheeler to get around easily while having more fun than booking a cab every time. Don’t choose between north and south goa as with a little bit of planning and a vehicle, you can explore the whole state without missing out on anything. Quick safety tip, always keep your driving license with you and ride with a helmet.

Avoid where the crowds are heading

This includes the popular beaches and clubs like Baga beach and candolim beach. You will not find the calm and peace you are looking for on this getaway, especially if you happen to travel around the new year. Surf the internet and find some nice beaches which are less crowded while offering better experience. Beaches like Butterfly Beach with its heavenly views and surroundings and Palolem Beach with its chill Miami vibe are better options to explore.

 Avoid Spirits and drugs

Travel stories of other people might inspire you to get drunk on the beaches but try and avoid that. Some local drinks like feni are very potent and can get on you real quick. You will probably visit some parties but beware of the drugs in circulation and keep yourself away from them because if caught, your trip can extend up to 10 years.

Don’t limit yourself to just the beaches

Goa has a lot of forts and heritage monuments which gives you a deep insight into the rich culture and history of goa. Popular waterfalls like Dudhsagar and Hivre are a must visit while you can even go step further and visit some offbeat waterfalls like Tambadi Surla waterfalls and Netravali waterfalls.

Get active and be open to trying out the adventure and water sports

Contradicting our previous tip, visit some popular beaches to enjoy the water sports like banana ride, white water rafting, kayaking, jet ski, parasailing and many more. Your thirst of adrenaline pumping adventure will definitely be satisfied by these water and adventure sports. You can even go snorkelling and scuba diving under water to discover beautiful marine world. If you travel at the right time you can even get to enjoy the dolphin ride which is a unique experience to have.

Visit Popular markets

Goa has a lot of markets and you should add some popular ones to your bucket list too as you can find some great clothes, spices, wooden artefacts, carpets etc. A tip to always keep in mind at these market is that the initial price given by the shopkeeper is definitely not the final one and you can easily get yourself significantly cheaper rates if you bargain well!


Try and keep the city clean and not throw anything anywhere. Keep your cash safe and carry less cash at once. You will be better off carrying less cash and filling your wallet frequently than to get a heavy wallet pick pocketed. Remember, goa is in India and nudity in no way is allowed in this country, so, respect it. Follow all the rules and regulations of the state.

All in all, if you keep all these tips handy, your experience will definitely be better and you might be able to save some bucks which always sounds good, right?

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