Valley of Flowers Trek – Plan your Honeymoon in Beautiful Meadows

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Planning Honeymoon Destination? I think the Valley of Flowers will be a very beautiful place for you.

Valley Of Flowers Trek is a huge national park with never-ending meadows that was founded in 1982. It is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The elevation is 12140 feet. It is home to endangered species and rare animals, in case you didn’t know. The Asiatic black bear, snow leopard, musk bear, brown bear, red fox, blue sheep, and even birds, such as the Himalayan Monal Pheasant, can all be found at high altitudes.

Valley of Flowers backpack/rucksack?

Walking 13 kilometers uphill with a 50-60 liter backpack weighing 7-8 kg can be difficult for you if you have never done so before. On our first hike, we made the mistake of using a normal laptop bag and stuffing it to the brim. Despite being fit and well-prepared for the journey, it was exhausting. I purchased a hiking rucksack after realizing my error. These backpacks/rucksacks are designed to spread the load equally around your body rather than putting all of the weight on your shoulders. It made a huge difference on my next journey.

Instead, I would advise the first-time trekker to bring a 10-20 liter day bag. In this day pack, you can simply bear the necessities. Let’s keep the emphasis on the purpose of trekking: to enjoy your trek and the beautiful surroundings. If you’re trekking for the first time, hire a mule or porter to carry your luggage or rucksack.

For VOF, do you bring a backpack or standard duffle bags?

You don’t need to be concerned if you don’t want to bring a rucksack and aren’t sure if you’ll need one in the future. Instead, use a duffle bag and employ a porter or mule to transport it from Gobindghat to Ghangharia. Make sure your luggage is covered by a rain cover. For this tour, it’s best to avoid bringing any suitcases. Duffle bags are ideal for transporting by porter or mule. Another precaution is to place your belongings in a plastic bag before placing them in the duffle bag. Two layers of protection!

Hemkund Sahib – Is it worthwhile to combine a visit with the Valley of Flowers?

On the following day, a significant number of trekkers visit Hemkund Sahib and the Valley of Flowers. Both travelers and trek operators seem to have adopted this as a regular itinerary. Many people are unsure whether or not it is worthwhile to visit Hemkund Sahib. It’s a challenging question to answer. Let us be clear: Hemkund Sahib is a Sikh pilgrimage site. It’s a plus for a hiker.

The journey from Ghangharia to Hemkund Sahib is 4 kilometers long and steep! On a clear day, the nearby peaks and mountains can be seen in detail. The scenery is breathtaking. However, during monsoon season, you can expect overcast skies and probably rain! You’ll also have the opportunity to see the unusual Brahamkamal flower, which blooms at around 4000 meters. In Valley of Flower, you won’t be able to see this rare flower!! Will you like to be excused from this?

If none of this appeals to you, you have the choice of returning to Valley of Flowers or descending to Govindghat. The aim is to enjoy your trip rather than simply cross things off a list.

Is there a good time to go to Badrinath Temple?

Badrinath, like Hemkund Sahib, is often combined with a trip to the Valley of Flowers by tour operators. This question is meaningless if you are traveling with an operator. If this isn’t the case for you, you’ll need to consider your level of interest and available time. A fit individual can complete the 13-kilometer descent from Ghangharia to Govindghat in about 4-5 hours. If you get up early enough, you can go to Badrinath for darshan and then return to Joshimath for the night.

There are few landslide areas on the route from Govindghat to Badrinath, so it’s best to cover as much ground as possible in a single day during the rainy season. The Badrinath temple appealed to me. It’s vibrant, and getting a glimpse of it during the monsoon season is fast because the Char Dham yatra attracts few visitors. The yatra season, which runs from May to June, is the busiest time for the Badrinath temple.

Is it enough to bring a trekking pole to the Valley of Flower Trek?

Trekking poles, like many other treks, make it easier to descend. On this trail, you’re more likely to see pilgrims holding wooden sticks. These are readily available in the Govindghat market. There is no standardization of these since they are manufactured locally. In contrast, a hiking pole offers more conveniences: it can be changed in height, it has a loop to protect it, and it is easier to store because its length can be collapsed.

Though local wooden sticks cost about Rs 30, hiking poles cost upwards of Rs 500 and must be purchased in advance because they are not accessible locally. It’s best to use local wooden sticks if you don’t plan on trekking in the future. If you’re going hiking with a guide, you can rent hiking poles from them. The majority of trek operators have hiking equipment for hire. Hiring a hiking pole costs Rs 50 per day at the moment.

How do you get from Delhi to the Valley of Flowers?

VOF and Hemkund Sahib have excellent connectivity from Delhi. Haridwar is accessible by train or bus. Some people choose to drive or ride, and this is a personal preference. If you’re on a budget, you can take public or private buses or even a shared cab from Haridwar. For those who like to travel in style, renting an Innova for the duration of their trip is the best option.

While tempo travelers are accessible, they are slow and can be found at low rates since it is the off-season for the Char Dham yatra. Despite the widespread availability of self-drive cars for hire, I do not recommend this choice because it requires extensive knowledge of hill driving and navigating through landslide areas. If you’ve done similar trips before, driving and trekking in one trip can be exhausting on your body.

Is Valley Of Flowers a successful first-time hike?

Each trek has its distinctive elements. Comparing two separate treks will be unfair. Pindari Glacier Trek, Har Ki Dun Trek, and Nag Tibba Trek, for example, offer a variety of terrains. All of these hikes are suitable for beginners. The easiest way to choose a trek is to read about it, watch videos about it, and then choose one that interests you. Valley Of Flower Trek has all of the elements that make for a perfect beginner trek, in my opinion.

What is the height of Valley Of Flowers?

Valley of Flowers is 3450 metres above sea level, while Ghangharia is 3650 metres. Hemkund Sahib, on the other hand, is located at a height of 4329 metres.

What is the weather like in Valley Of Flowers?

Valley Of Flowers and Ghangharia will be relatively warm. What you’ll need are some light woolen garments. The temperature would be between 10 and 22 degrees Celsius.

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