Updating Your Wardrobe For Summer 2022

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As the summer creeps ever closer, you may be starting to wonder what on Earth you’re going to do to enhance your already packed wardrobe. While you may be able to get plenty of use out of your go-to summer outfits, it may be time to think up some brand-new options for a fresh feel once the summer months roll around. To help give you some ideas as to what a good addition to your wardrobe might be, we’ve put together some summer outfit ideas for you to pick and choose from.

The Patterned Shorts And Vest Combo
When enjoying the hot summer sun, one of the top considerations you should have is how to stay cool and comfortable. This can be achieved by opting for a nice pair of floaty patterned shorts in a light material. Choose a bright floral pattern with a matching top for some coordination when heading out for the evening. Or pair a subtle and subdued pattern with a casual cotton vest top and perhaps a flowing kimono, which are still very popular, or a lace cardigan for an added layer for relaxing with friends.

Bardot Top And Shorts
An off-the-shoulder top rarely goes out of fashion, and these can be the perfect choice for a day out in the sunshine. Combining a lovely Bardot top with a nice pair of denim jean shorts is a perfect choice of summer outfit which every woman should have access to. This is a great casual look, but it also helps keep you cool under the hot sun. Combine your Bardot top and shorts with a nice pair of sandals or white trainers, and you’re ready to embrace the sunshine whether you’re grabbing lunch or enjoying a cute beer garden with friends. Don’t forget to bring some nice wide-framed sunglasses and a hat to complete the look.

Maxi Dress And Trainers
If you’re looking for something that works for both a night out with your friends as well as lounging around in the park or around town, then why not opt for a gorgeous maxi dress? Combining sophistication with a casual, nonchalant look, these women’s Superdry dresses are perfect for that relaxed yet classy vibe. Throw on a pair of quality white trainers to really stand out and make a statement. There are so many different types of maxi dresses that you could choose from, ranging from the more extravagant and showy evening dresses with gorgeous floral prints and patterns to a humble yet pretty maxi t-shirt dress.

Casual Denim Playsuit
For the ultimate practical yet stylish summer look, you’ll want to grab yourself a gorgeous denim playsuit. There are so many ways to wear a jumpsuit or playsuit, and there are lots of things to combine them with, making them perfect for so many different scenarios. Go for a more outdoorsy appearance with a light t-shirt and trainers with a short denim playsuit while fastening one of the shoulder straps for an asymmetrical look. Or perhaps choose some longer dungarees with a long-sleeved top and some nice slip-on shoes for a more smart-casual appearance.

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