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Unexpected Property Investment Hotspots

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When people are considering investing in property, often they look to other countries where these types of deals can be very lucrative. If you have never been involved in property in other countries though, you may need some help with which ones to consider.


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The Citta Sant Angelo area of Italy has been largely ignored by tourists and property investors for many years, but that is changing and now is the time to think of making some money there.

This idyllic Italian town is located in the Abruzzi region of the country, and as people start to veer away from the larger cities for their vacations, it has become more appealing to visitors. It overlooks vineyards and olive groves and has lots of architecture that is nothing short of stunning.


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Ljubljana in Slovenia is both architecturally and scenically beautiful and is becoming very popular with tourists and expats, which make it a prime place to invest in real estate. It has easy access to the beaches and ski resorts and offers a relaxed way of life.

Property prices in Slovenia are cheaper than in the rest of Europe, but they did rise by 4% last year. Property investments in this part of the world are growing in popularity as investors realize that it is ripe for making more than in some other places.


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Singapore has a top-notch education system, highest quality health care, and a government that is stable and active in promoting this wonderful place. People move there because of the good quality of life and the very good tax infrastructure. Businesses old and new are encouraged to expand and the education system means there is a pool of very skilled labor. It may be a city of high-rise offices and flats, but the developers have also made sure there are plenty of green spaces large enough for outdoor sports to be played.

It has won many accreditations for its high standards. Investing in property there has become even easier. The changes to the stamp duty act that have recently been made, now make property investing in Singapore even more attractive. The properties do the rest!


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Unlike many other capital cities around the world, the cost of living is Lisbon is not high and nor are the property prices. It is the second oldest capital city in Europe, Athens being the oldest of all.

Lisbon has gained a reputation as a tech startup hotspot, which has encouraged many younger property investors to buy in the city. It already has quite a large community of expat retirees who have taken advantage of the tax and visa incentives, and now is one of the places that anyone wanting to invest in property abroad should be considering.


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Bali offers a warm welcome to tourists and property investors. This beautiful tropical location is renowned for its friendliness and its cuisine. The cost of living is very low, as is the cost of investing in property. The prices are pretty stable, and produce a good return on investment when the properties are rented out.

Bali is highly rated by current property investors, partly because there are very few barriers to owning something in this idyllic location.


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Many retirees dream of retiring to the South of France, but take a look at the prices in places like Provence and Cote d’Azur and realize just how expensive it is. However, move away from the area into the countryside and among others, you will find the village of Saint-Chinian.

It has a French country village feel that is like something out of storybooks, and the main driver for its economy is the local wine.

Look around the lesser-known part of the Occitanic region and you will find no shortage of suitable properties to invest in.


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Playa Del Carmen in Mexico is an ideal property investment spot for anyone that wants a wonderful tropical resort location. Expats make up 7% of the population and this area is responsible for 30% of Mexico’s tourist revenue, being just an hours drive away from the popular resort of Cancun.

Property investing is straightforward and English is widely spoken, keeping the prospect of dealing with local legal firms a much easier prospect. The properties produce strong rental yields, making them very appealing for investors.

Dominican Republic

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In the Dominican Republic you will find the oldest Spanish town in the Americas, and the capital of Spain’s first colony in this part of the world, Santo Domingo. The colonial architecture has a romantic feel to it, contrasting with the international hotel brands from around the world.

The country offers one of the quickest and easiest residency naturalization programs, and there are not any restrictions on property investments, whether you reside there or not.


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If the Caribbean is calling you to invest in property, San Pedro is the place to go. It is said to be one of the most idyllic locations on the planet, and this small area still relies heavily on the local fishermen, although tourism is growing every year. This has started to push the property prices higher, but they are still reasonable, and a better opportunity than most other parts of the Caribbean.


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Cali in Columbia is the country’s third largest city and one of its safest spots. The property prices are cheap compared to the rest of South America, and they produce high rental yields for investors.

Situated quite close to the equator at 3,300 feet above sea level, the climate is pleasantly warm and the scenery really is something special. The lifestyle is relaxed, but there is still plenty going on with salsa dancing and the performing arts both being very popular.

Get Professional Help

It is vital that you have the professional help you need that has expertise in the laws of the country you are considering property investing in. Rules and regulation vary greatly, as do the challenges you might have to face as a foreign investor. It is far too easy to lose a property, and some money in the process, on a technicality if the right procedures are not followed.

Property Investing abroad can be a brilliant way of making some money, but make sure you do it right.

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