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Unconventional in San Diego Anthology

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August 11, 2015
Content Warning
Coming In Third contains some M/M/M menage scenes
Fate’s Bridge by Carol Lynne, Coming in Third by Amber Kell, The Unicorn Said Yes by T.A. Chase, Blood on the Moon by Jambrea Jo Jones & A Sliver of Sunset by Devon Rhodes


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A handful of unconventional little gems
(Updated: September 01, 2015)
This is a collection of stories set in and around a Paranormal bar called Unconventional located in San Diego, California. I had the pleasure of reading this anthology when I was on holiday in San Diego, CA. recently in mid-July.
All the characters are either vampires, shifters (werewolves, unicorn, and other) or warlocks/witches or other sorts of supernatural creatures with the occasional human thrown in.

The first story is Fate's Bridge by Carol Lynne, and features a couple of vampire brothers, one of whom manages the bar, while the other usually lives in New York. What follows is an intriguing tale of potential reincarnation in a human of a lost true love for one brother, and the other brother having to save said reincarnated love. There are many ups and downs as the three come to terms with how they all feel towards each other and will they manage to find their happy ever after? Read and find out.

The second tale in the collection: Coming in Third by Amber Kell is the story of a Fae Prince and two shifters. I especially loved this tale of the Prince who is very much under his mother's control until he comes into his own and starts to free himself from her manipulation. At the Mating Ball, will the Prince manage to get his Happy Ever After?

Thirdly, we have The Unicorn Shifter Said Yes by TA Chase, which features a unicorn shifter and his search for a mate. This was quite an exciting tale involving a chase through a forest and an unwitting betrayal. Will the Unicorn King save himself and his mate?
I happened to get a drive above/through the Cleveland National Forest park in the mountains north of San Diego, so I looked down at the dense evergreen forest and could just imagine unicorns hiding out and roaming freely throughout under the cover of all those thousands of trees.

Next up is Blood On The Moon by Jambrea Jo Jones, featuring a warlock, his coven, a black cat called Reef, and an incubus in trouble. Kishar collapses on the doorstep of Montague (Monty) Ramey's cottage in a weak, bloody heap after crashing his motorbike. Monty knew the Blood Moon meant trouble and should have known better than to wish for something exciting to happen. Will the two survive the malevolent forces coming after them in the form of Kishar's family? Can a Warlock and an Incubus have a Happy Ever After?

Finally, the last little gem in this collection is A Sliver Of Sunset by Devon Rhodes. A tale of a sick shifter and a human, who happens to be his mate, who is also his nurse. Why are the water creatures getting sick? Such a rare occurrence that maybe it's something in the water? Will the sick Merman, Angelo, live long enough to enjoy a Happy Ever After with his mate, the human nurse Dominic?

Have a read of all of these wonderful short stories and find out.
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