Tweaks to Make Your Apartment Chic

Written by Emma Joyce

Many trends come and go, but chic interiors are one of those timeless trends that will never go out of style.

This trend is great for any type of home and can surely be easily implemented into your interior as well. If you’re scared of changing things up too much, this trend will provide you with just a few small adjustments that will help you transition to the new interior. In addition to that, this is one of the most comfortable and homely trends out there because it will help you create a home you’ll be able to enjoy with your family. If you’re up for it, you can even make bigger changes too and completely redo your home.

Install floating shelves

This is an easy DIY project you can probably do in under an hour and the end results will uplift your room immediately. You can choose pastel colors or opt for earthy tones, and create a soothing addition to your walls, making them pop a bit.

Shelves are a great way to display your decorations, family pictures, or travel memorabilia, and all of these things can fit perfectly into your chic category. Apart from that, you can show the world your favorite books or vinyl records that will add a vintage note to your design.

Play with different types of textiles

The days of dark wool blankets on your living room couches are far behind us, and you need to replace these with lighter options as soon as possible. Find a soft and light blanket, and place it over the seating part of your couch, and you’ll immediately add an extra layer to your room décor – not to mention a cute little help for those cold nights!

Apart from that, a great area rug can be a wonderful addition to any room, especially if you opt for natural materials. Make sure you choose a color that’s in the same color palette as your walls but is not the exact same shade. This will help you with creating a balance between these similar colors in your room and keep the design interesting instead of having a boring one-colored room.

Open up your living space

Having an open space in your home will help you create consistency in the interior, which means you’ll have more opportunities to come up with a unique design. If you have a terrace or a balcony, think about adding those practical timber sliding doors to connect your indoor space with the outdoors. This will allow you to continue your chic trends even in your outdoor space and define your exterior space more easily and efficiently.

If you have the chance, take the open concept into consideration, and use it to connect your kitchen and your dining room, creating a better flow between these two parts of your home. Bringing them together will bring your entire family together as well, and you’ll have more chances to spend time together while preparing your meals every single day.

Create an amazing focal point

This is a feature all chic apartments have, and if you’re trying to design one as well, you simply can’t ignore an obvious need for a focal point. Lots of different elements can be turned into focal points, but what most people love dedicating their attention to is the fireplace. Not all modern apartments have a fireplace, so simply owning one in your living room will make your home extra chic – but if you decorate it as well, it’s going to make it absolutely unique!

There are lots of ideas to consider, from a statement mirror to a hunting trophy and everything in between. In the end, whatever you pick is going to be just fine as long as you’re committed to your chic design and want to make the most of it, so just go with the idea that works for you the most and give it all the love in the world.

Everyone loves living in a chic apartment, so explore some of these ideas and find the ones that seem the most appealing to you. Personalize them, adapt them to your own living space, and you’ll start enjoying your new chic home right away!

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