Turning Back The Clock: The Things That Impact Our Future

Ever look back on your life and think if you could turn back the time you would change something? You won’t be alone with this thought. So many of us can be guilty of making mistakes or decisions that end up changing the course of our lives. It happens! But it isn’t something to regret, more embrace. Of course, it may have changed your life in such a way that you couldn’t do what you initially wanted, or your life hasn’t turned out the way you had hoped. However, we all have a deck of cards that is life, and the hand we are dealt each time is what we have to deal with. With that in mind, here are some of the life-changing circumstances that can really change who we are. 

A working environment and career choices

Would you believe that our choices when it comes to our career can have a huge impact on our future. In many different ways. First up there is our health. Performing a particular task, or working within a specific environment can mean that you are prone to future health risks. This might be things such as hearing loss where the workplace and environment can cause harm to your internal ear drum. It might be that you are stressed, or you worry about things such as achy wrists, headaches, or your job is stressful. Not to mention that your job has an impact on your future finances. In terms of how much you can save as well as paying into a pension for the future.

A marriage breakdown

Let’s be honest, nobody enters into a marriage considering that it will breakdown at some point, but relationships can run their course, and it can seem impossible to predict what will work and what won’t these days. However, the breakdown of a marriage can really affect your life moving forward. You can struggle to live independently, you may have things like court custody hearings to attend, and life as a single parent may feel overwhelming. This is why it is important to ensure that you try and work things out. Things like marriage counseling can help, alongside separation trials or give each other some space. While it certainly isn’t the end of the world, in some cases people are happier apart than together. Which is far more important. 

Financial issues

Finally, struggling with your finances can really hinder your chances of a prosperous future if you don’t tackle the issue head on. Heading down a road of bankruptcy will majorly damage your chances of a financial future. Things like credit and mortgages will be harder to obtain, and you will find that you will have to declare it, even once you are released, in any financial application and even work interviews and your career. Think carefully before taking drastic action and try and budget wisely. Knowing that you can handle things moving forward. 

Let’s hope this helps you if you find yourself faced with any of these life changing circumstances. 

Turning Back The Clock: The Things That Impact Our Future

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