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Truth In The Dark by Amy Lane, audio book

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Truth In The Dark by Amy Lane, audio book

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About the Author
Amy Lane dodges an EDJ, mothers four children, and writes the occasional book. She, her brood, and her beloved mate, Mack, live in a crumbling mortgage in Citrus Heights, California, which is riddled with spiders, cats, and more than its share of fan
Publication Date
September 30, 2015
145 pages
Narrated by Nick J. Russo. Audio file is 4 hours and 40 minutes duration.

Filed on personal Goodreads Shelves: Audio books, Male/Male, Paranormal, Darker/Grittier, Short reads
"I am not beautiful..."

Knife's entire existence has been as twisted as his flesh and his face. The only thing beautiful in his life is his sister. When Gwennie is obliged to turn a suitor down because she fears to leave her brother to the brutality of their village, Knife is desperate for anything to ensure her happiness.

Her suitor's cousin offers him a way out, but it won't be easy. Aerie-Smith has been cursed to walk upright in the form of a beast, and his beloved village suffers from the same spell. Aerie-Smith offers Gwen a trousseau and some hope, if only Knife will keep him company on his island for the span of a year and perform one "regrettable task" at year's end.

Knife is unprepared for the form the island's curse takes on his own misshapen body. In one moment of magic, he is given the body of his dreams—and he discovers that where flesh meets spirit and appearance meet reality, sometimes the only place to find truth is in the darkness of a lover's arms. 

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Fabulous read, excellent narration.
Independent reviewer for Divine Magazine, I was gifted the audio copy of this book for review.


Knife is damaged, is twisted both inside and out. He loves his mother, and his sister. When Gwennie turns down a suitor because her brother needs her, Knife knows he has to do something. Said suitor's cousin offers him a way for Gwennie to marry, and be happy, without worrying about Knife. Aerie-Smith asks for just a year of Knife's life, just a year of companionship, and the job of a very regrettable task at the end. Aerie-Smith is cursed, as his beloved island and its inhabitants. Knife is unprepared for what the curse does to him, to his body, to his very soul.

This is, as far as I can see, the first book I have read or listened to by this author, but I have one other sitting, languishing on the iPod. I think that they will not be the last!

A fairy tale twist, told in the first person, from only Knife's POV. And that is the only fault I can find with it. Had this been a READ review, that would probably have led me to give it 4 stars for the book.

HOWEVER this is an AUDIO review, and I find I love LISTENING to single POV much more than I like reading them. And I also try to separate the book from the narration. Can't do that so well with the single POV thing.

I loved the way Knife changes through the book, not just what it said about those changes, the way its put across by the narrator, Nick J Russo. His voice softens, when Knife is on the island, as he learns about Aerie-Smith and his island. As he learns to love Aerie-Smith, and he learns what the regrettable task is. His voice hardens again, towards the end, but I'm not telling you why.

I loved the way Russo portrayed all the hate and anger in Knife, and equally, all that love he has, boarded up inside his heart, that only Aerie-Smith can set free.

This is the first work of Nick J. Russo I have listened to. It makes a mighty welcome change to listen to a book narrated in a non-American accent. I loved the way he said words the way I would say them, not the way Americans would say them. His reading voice is clear and concise, his difference between voices is equally clear, and it made for very easy listening. I will add his work to my list of narrators that I auto buy. I loved listening to him, and would love to hear more.

The book itself is well written, with the regrettable task not revealed until it is in the book, but I had an idea that was what was coming. Its nice to see things coming at ya, once in a while!

Had I only READ this book, as previously mentioned, the single POV would have put a four star rating on it, since its not my favourite way to read. BUT I listened to this one, and so...

5 stars for the book,

5 stars for the narration

5 overall.

**same worded review will appear on Goodreads, on and on the ebook version of this book on and Along with the Divine Magazine listing for this book**
Top 10 Reviewer 114 reviews
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