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Troye Sivan releases ‘WILD’ mini-album today

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WILD’ – the highly anticipated mini-album from Troye Sivan was released overnight, shot straight to #1 in home market Australia and is topping charts as territories release around the world, having already hit #1 in 41 countries on pre-order including Australia, New Zealand, United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Sweden, Russia as well as #2 in the UK.

Courtesy of a smattering of reactive personal experiences and his knack for distilling emotion and finding the perfect metaphors and lyrical combinations to reflect them through – Troye Sivan has made a pop record in ‘WILD’ that will make a connection – and one that will be at the forefront of motivational Tumblr quotes and texts to our exes for years to come.

Mini-album title and lead track ‘WILD’ was co-written with 21 year old Sydney-based songwriter Alex Hope after a kindred songwriting relationship was formed in 2014 (they collaborated on “FUN” for Troye’s ‘TRXYE’ EP).

“WILD was one of the last songs we wrote and I think it’s because before, I would have been too nervous to even let the session start heading into that poppier space. Finding that trust between us meant that we could stray further into the pop world and still feel sure that the song was going to be cool and authentic. Only once we knew the space, sound and the project so well, could we let ourselves explore that. Now it’s one of my favourite songs I’ve ever written.”

The stunning video for “WILD,” the first in the “Blue Neighbourhood” trilogy, was directed by Tim Mattia (The Dead Weather, Coasts, Deap Vally) and shot on location at Kurnell in Sydney. The first part of a three piece narrative created by Troye, “WILD” explores a relationship blossoming in childhood surrounded by the challenges of everyday life.


The mini-album ‘WILD’ features collaborations with some of music’s best new futurists including the afore-mentioned Alex HopeBroodsSLUMSJia Lih and Tkay Maidza.

The sonic wizardry of Perth based SLUMS and Jia Lih, who produced ‘TRXYE,’ return for this release – dusting their unique glitter upon the sound of the record – from their ‘finishing off’ of the faultlessly constructed “FOOLS” to their work on “DKLA,” a song crafted at 1am from scratch during a week spent together at a boutique studio in the wilderness. An acronym for Don’t Keep Love Around – Sivan proclaims “DKLA” as “the absolute darkest song” on ‘WILD’ and admits “there was a missing link… and that was Tkay Maidza,” the 18-year-old Australian rap prodigy who delivers a rapid-fire yet effortless verse to complete the track.

Acclaimed New Zealand sibling duo BROODS duet with Troye on “EASE,” a cry for help the pairing felt they needed to make to express the pain of missing the individuals and experiences that complete them. “Take me back to the basics and the simple life,” they sing on an ’80s influenced jam that would find Troye in tears the night they wrote it. “There’s a genuine innocence to it because it was written and created by young people. It’s raw and honest, and I’m so obsessed with Broods and have been for so long… it’s just a dream song to me,” Sivan enthuses of the collaboration.

Each song on ‘WILD’ is “about a collection of experiences meshed together.” “BITE,” co-created with a superstar lineup of LA-based musicians in Leland, Allie X and Bram Inscore, is a jarring and sonically frantic ode to Troye’s first experience in the lion’s cage of gay club culture, but simultaneously about the safety of love and opening your mind to new experiences. “I mean you have fun there, you make yourself vulnerable and give yourself up and kind of hope for the best that the person’s not going to fuck you up. It’s a bit raunchy and I think it’s about that first experience where you’re super wide eyed and the floor is sticky.”

‘WILD’ reveals a real growth to the world, a six track showcase of Troye’s musical vision: dark, infectious pop music at its most organic. ‘WILD’ is an opening installment, a 6 song keyhole that introduces us to a wider world of music to come from Sivan in the near future. And sooner than you think.

With his audience of 3.5 million subscribers on his native platform of YouTube, backed by over 2.8 million Twitter and 2.5 Million Instagram followers, his personal aesthetic is at the visual forefront. Those followers have watched, approaching a staggering 200 million times, a genuine recount of the development of a young man as he navigates the entry into adulthood and pursues his musical vision. Troye is a multi-faceted pop culture artist. Last year, Time Magazine listed him among “2014’s Most Influential Teenagers” while Billboard named him alongside 21 of Music’s Hottest Young Stars under 21.







4. EASE [feat. Broods]


6. DKLA [feat. Tkay Maidza]









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